1. SuedeMoz

    Article: ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’: Behind the Album That Broke The Smiths

    ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’ became The Smiths’ premature epitaph. Morrissey and Johnny Marr still feel it’s their best album.
  2. A_Desirée

    Was Morrissey in love with Johnny Marr?

    i have heard several times The Morrissey was in love with Marr theory, but I’m not sure if it’s true or not. Allegedly the song I won’t share you is about Marr and Girlfriend in a coma about Marr’s girlfriend
  3. B

    Johnny Marr on 'The First Time...' (BBC 6 Music, repeat)

    Web link: And the show description: The First Time examines the Mancunian maestro's earliest musical memories, his first fumbled grapplings with a guitar and his initial, and crucial, meeting with Morrissey leading to the formation of The Smiths. The...
  4. Cliff Gloom

    Sat 7th Jan - The Smyths 'Strangeways' & Smiths Special

    The World's premier Smiths tribute, The Smyths, are back at O2 Academy Islington this Saturday 7th January. 'Strangeways, Here We Come' is the album The Smiths never got to play live, having being released after the band had split. Using the 30th anniversary of the album's release, The Smyths...
  5. kresnik2015

    Johnny Marr's photo

    Do you know something about this photo? Where it was taken? I need more info :(
  6. Cliff Gloom

    Smiths Night at O2 Academy2 Islington - Sat 13th February

    Burn Down The Disco - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me: Smiths Special at O2 Academy2 Islington. Sat 13th February What better antidote to Valentines Day than a night soundtracked by The Smiths. Don't worry about that double decker get down and stick a couple of digits up to Cupid...
  7. Cliff Gloom

    Sat 9th Jan - The Smyths 30th Anniversary of 'The Queen Is Dead'

    We're just over a month away until the world's premier Smiths tribute, The Smyths, play their much talked about 'The Queen Is Dead' 30th anniversary gig at O2 Academy Islington in London. The band will be playing the album in it's entirety followed by a second set full of greatest hits, fan...
  8. Cliff Gloom

    The Smyths - 30th Anniversary of 'The Queen Is Dead' - Sat 9th January 2016

    With all this talk about our dear old Queen becoming the longest seving monarch, it seems a good time to remind you all about The Smyths - 'The Queen Is Dead' 30th Anniversary gig at London's O2 Academy Islington on Sat 9th January, 2016. The worlds biggest Smiths tribute will be playing the...
  9. Detritus

    The Smiths nominated for Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame 2015

    Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Smiths Nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Rolling Stone Lou Reed, N.W.A and Sting are also in contention for the Class of 2015, with voting again open to fans Vote for the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees - Rolling Stone. Link posted by Detritus...
  10. Cliff Gloom

    The Smyths - 30th Anniversary of 'Meat Is Murder' London Gig

    The UK's premier The Smiths tribute act are back at the O2 Academy Islington to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the legendary 'Meat Is Murder' by playing each track from the album. Featuring 'How Soon Is Now', 'What She Said', The Headmasters Ritual', 'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore' and many...
  11. Chickpea

    Johnny Marr & Robyn Hitchcock play ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’

    Watch Johnny Marr and Robyn Hitchcock play ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’ - Slicing Up Eyeballs Saturday night, Johnny Marr brought a special guest on stage for the encore of his concert in Portsmouth, England: Robyn Hitchcock, who helped Marr perform the Smiths classic...
  12. Cliff Gloom

    THE SMYTHS - 30th Anniversary of 'Hatful Of Hollow' London Gig!

    The Smyths are back! After selling out the O2 Academy Islington in January, the UK's top The Smiths tribute act play a special show at 229 Venue where they'll bring to life the seminal Hatful of Hollow album. This celebration of the 30th anniversary of it's release will see The Smyths playing...
  13. Cliff Gloom

    The Smiths & Morrissey Special @ Feeling Gloomy - Sat 1st March

    Just another reminder that Feeling Gloomy's Smiths & Morrissey special is nearly upon us! Its 30 years since the release of The Smiths eponymous debut album and also the 20th Anniversary of Morrissey's Solo album 'Vauxhall & I', so we're using this as an excuse to throw a Smiths & Moz party...
  14. Cliff Gloom

    Feeling Gloomy: The Smiths & Morrissey Special - Sat 1st March

    So its 30 years since the release of The Smiths eponymous debut album and also the 20th Anniversary of Morrissey's Solo album 'Vauxhall & I', so it's the perfect excuse to throw a Smiths & Moz party! Saturday 1st March will see Feeling Gloomy do just that, as Smiths fans of the world unite &...
  15. Cliff Gloom

    The Smyths - 30th Anniversary of 'The Smith' debut album

    As I'm sure you are all aware, 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the Smiths debut album and we are proud to have The Smyths, playing 'The Smiths' by The Smiths! The UK's top Smiths tribute act return to the O2 Academy Islington on Saturday 11th January to perform The Smiths'...
  16. L

    Johnny Marr in "supergroup" with Pharrell for Amazing Spider-Man II soundtrack

  17. neonmad

    Jonny Marr, San Francisco (Fillmore), Nov. 1

    Johnny Marr, San Francisco (Fillmore), Nov. 1 I have an extra ticket for Friday, $40, general admission...
  18. Cliff Gloom

    The Smyths - Live at the BBC gig

    Hot off the news that the one & only Rick Astley was seen dancing away and tweeting about their recent gig in Putney at the weekend, top The Smiths tribute act, The Smyths return to London on 31st May for a special 'Live at the BBC' gig. The show will take in the entire Grey Whistle Test set...

    Johnny Marr U.S. Tour Dates announced - Twitter

  20. J

    Fans required for a feature documentary in conjunction with BBC Nottingham

    Hi all, James Postlethwaite here! New to the forum I'll introduce myself quick! I'm a filmmaker, cinematographer and director based in the Midlands and have worked on various shorts, features, television, live programmes and documentaries. This post is about a new project I am working on and I...
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