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  • Hi again Sue!
    Sorry for not being in touch for so long....I will explain further if this actually gets through!! ( having computer probs, and the MOZ site won't let me post any Pms....
    Cheers, Dave.
    Ps, you can get in touch with me by e-mail at [email protected] as I seem to be having loads of problems on Morrissey solo forum......please e-mail a contact address, as I would like to explain fully why I haven't been in touch with ya.
    Bezzies, Dave. (.....fingers crossed THIS works!!)
    hi could you find it who took the photo attached to the qmag article?
    if its not noted on the article than maybe at the last sitesor at the first sites of the mag where they credit the contibutors(journos and photographers) of the mag? thnks a lot..;-)
    i'm sorted for liverpool but i need 1 spare. i'm also going to manchester. have you a spare available?
    good luck with taht one , i hope i win it but if i dont then i hope its you

    the lucks good im off to buy a lottery ticket
    hey sue

    I see the email worked at last ... are you happy you have your promo CD
    i just couldnt wait , its sad i know

    bob x
    Hi Sue,

    Unfortunately someone has offered to swap it for a promo that I really wanted. I would have replied earlier, but was making sure the trade was still gonna happen.

    Take care

    Nonsense, I think there's actually a whole load of people who get terribly confused when that happens haha
    Hey, it seems to happen to me a lot, lol
    We usually wait for a wise person to join in and make one out of both. That wise person's never me :D
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