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  • hello there, i really liked your cover of suedehead... i was wondering what chords you used? and what fret capo?
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    hi fran,
    can youn tell me where (from which site)you find the new moz pics with hm in vegas 1999/2000 in THAT:horny: suit?
    thnks very much
    Thanks for the comments on my photos! I really like your photo as well. No flopping around on the ground during this show. I guess he didn't want to wreck the tux :)
    Hey I beat you by a yr! ;)! lol I was 23 when I heard my 1st Smiths song "There Is A Light... on Jan 8,2003 ; a friend intro'd me to the Smiths and I loved their music and their gorg ls ;D so much so I further investigated...been a Mozzie fan ever since and have never been the same! I only wish I'd known of him SOONER ; like in my turbulent teen yrs, would've gotten me thru a great deal but better late than never I suppose. Only just joined the forums THIS YR yet I've been visiting this site since June 2003! Only going to his ONE Boston gig this Sun :( the CLOSEST he'll ever come to my area up in NH! Seen him live 3 soon to be 4x all Boston gigs of course. LOL is your daughter a member too on here? Since she got you into him! xxxKar
    Oh to be so lucky! thanx for writing me back! How long you been a Mozziefan? '6 long yrs' for me this yr! :) Looking forward to learning more about you! Later--Kar
    hello, sorry, this is out of the blue here. but i've noticed you upload a lot of videos to the page. i, for the life of me can't figure out how to do it. can you clue me in?
    when i paste the link all i get is the link, no video, when i post the reply.
    hey Franissey ; clever name btw:p! Thanks for adding me to your friends list! Hope we can become good ones! :) I LOOOOVVVE your new Moz pic w/ your name! He's too beautiful for his own good, eh? Btw happy belated b-day. I have an old school friend w/ the same b-day! Small world! I've been a fan of Moz for 6yrs now, just joined the forums a month ago ; yeah it took me a while to bec official I know! I don't have my own home pc I have to use the library's. I try to go a couple x a week if I can to read up on my fave music artist's whereabouts and goingons. Been visiting this site since June 2003. Anyways, hope to hear from you sometime! Take care, Karrie
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