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    Well if it's £3 then I must buy! I think Duncan Jones must have a fetish for bums haha!
    Hi Viva!!...no worries!! I am currently trying to post on the subject, but it won't let me, for some reason at the moment!!
    best wishes,
    I'm very sorry that you were dragged into David Bret's diatribe because of things Skylarker and I said. You don't deserve that kind of treatment...
    Hi Wendy!!!
    the "Michael gough" coded reference was ( if you are interested..
    The same mate, in 1986, gave me a VHS tape of a british film from the early 60's, called "Konga", which had michael gough as a professor" type, who turns a pet chimpanzee into a Giant Gorilla... which then Rampages around london...a rather awful movie indeed...BUT...my mate and another mate had "Re-Dubbed" the entire soundtrack to it, doing all the characters voices ( even the gorilla.) it was a complete and utter Barrage of Racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, animal-abusing filth, with VERY bad taste language.....and incredibly funny!!
    ( ...I have it on DVD..one of the BEST birthday presents ever !!
    If I can ever work out how to make a copy, I will send you one!!!..( The lads who done it weren't "ist" of any kind, by the way, just the same sick twited humour as me!!).

    Dave - if you instruct me how to copy cd's i can post copies of the requested Japan albums to you... You're just unlucky you didn't post on this thread a few months ago, cause i recently unloaded tonnes of Japan, Bauhaus, Duran duplicate cd's to my local cat's protection!

    Wendy x
    PS: My name's almost as common as your mates.. There were 2 individuals with my name registered at my Uni (the other was less well funded than i - you can imagine my horror when i picked up her grant cheque).. also 2 at my local Dr's surgery (now that can be problematic!)
    ..whats the book called???( if you don't mind me asking....) quote

    of course not its "brass" by helen walsh,,,very graphic at times ans at soem part preety brutal. i think what shocks people most about this book is that the character is female cause her behavious is quite malemacho to say the least...Im not easily shocked anyway...
    the female character is quite and based in liverpool :unfortunately im reading it in german but i will have a look if i can get in english since it written in liverpuddlian slang ..sorry its called "scouse diaclect not liverpuddlian:o right?
    after that i will read another fictional book but this time in manchester called cold water by gwendolyne riley

    thnks for your offer..yeah you just have to visit liverpool even if youre only vaguely interested in popculture and Im ..a lot...
    its a long run til its getting strted..do you have any secret tipps already?
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