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Disgusting public defecator


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Because all you have is your sad, pathetic assertion that he agrees with you when he patently doesn't.
Moz is anti-authoritarian, anti-totalitarian (as am I). He expresses shades of libertarianism sometimes and proudly announced (and knowingly risked his entire career by doing so) that he supports a party deemed by your beloved left as "far right".

Instead of desperately searching for quotes that might somehow contradict his clearly stated political affiliations, how about dealing with it.

So it's a contest of who truly understands Morrissey?


Come on folks ..... stop the fighting... We all need to pull together and put our hands in our pockets for a dear friend from solo who’s having a tough time at the moment.....
Yes my old sparing partner Benny is bad fettle........ may I suggest we all chip in and order flowers to be laid outside his home whilst he recuperates.....we all need to stick together, let’s all pray for benny together at 22.00 UK time.
Come on solo, we’ve all been paid it’s the end of the month. £5 each to the” let’s get benny back on his feet fund”


Please ignore my previous post RE a £5 donation for the “let’s get benny back on his feet fund”
It’s now £10 as some old slapper has “Apparently” kicked the bucket, so she’s now wanting some flowers as well......
I’ve told yous all , this is sympathy for the devil......
Best wishes and condolences , I bet Elizabeth has a smug grin right now..
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