1. masterdat

    Request: Westwood One in concert new rock (USA 2-cd, #93-40)

    According to This 2CD was issued back in 1993 and it contains perfomances from Oxford and Kilburn. I know there are already bootlegs and official versions of most of the songs on this release but I'd like to nkow how's the...
  2. DrStatham

    Request: It's Over cover

    It's on Spotify but not where I am, same goes for a lot of people. Anyone want to be a hero and make me love them forever? Many thanks :):):)
  3. Ann Coats

    A slight request (please, please, please…)

    I have been searching for a bootleg of the October 12, 2004 Toronto gig (at the Hummingbird Centre), to no avail! I was at that show, and would love to hear (or see) a recording of it, if at all possible, but cannot find an audio (or video) copy anywhere online. If anyone has a copy they...
  4. dicartwright

    Morrissey tour statistics

    Remember the fantastic Gigographies at Ok the thing is, -i'm trying to complete mine, i used to update it every time I was able, but last time I did it was January 2010. Has anyone else been as crazy and kept a thorough gigography of both Moz and the Smiths...
  5. dicartwright

    In search of Johnny's songs

    Could anyone please upload some Johnny Marr tunes for me? I'm looking for Johnny on VOCALS. MP3 or similar, something easy. What I already have is: Don't think twice it's alright (live and in studio) Down on the corner Something to shout about The last ride You are the magic and in...
  6. Scarlet1987

    Help me get a moz video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    could someone please give me the link for the video with Morrissey and Cat Deeley on CDUK 2004? Forgiven Jesus, I can't find it on YOUTUBE. Thanks guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Viva Moz
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