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  • ah no worries Scarlet...
    You are not a true bristolian? ahh great excuse 'oh i wasn't born there' :p
    Don't worry, I am from The Forest of Dean. I think maybe i am the only person here who owns a computer... and isn't married to my sister :p
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
    Hey Scarlett,
    I lived in Kingswood for too long and one day my situation changed and i moved abroad, so its a different country and culture but i still miss certain things about england, the quaint pubs, the english ale, and english food. So where are you originally from ?? Moving onto moz i have been a fan since 85, i seen the smiths live, and so far i have seen moz live around 50 times, my enthusiasim for this mans music shall never die !! So have you heard the new Lp ??? What gigs are you going to on the next tour ?? Gigs that are close to my heart include salisbury city hall 99, Finsbury park 92, and Hollywood Bowl. Well i hope to hear from you soon

    Just curious what part of Bristol are you from ?? I used to live in Kingswood, and i thought i was the only Moz fan in the city !!

    Hiya, yeah. I do have Facebook. My name is Calum Ousby and I am in Leeds. My surname 'Ousby' is rather odd; it is Norweigen and distant relatives are the reason...hey, that rhymes! :) I will find you on Facebook you have MSN Messenger?
    Are you having a good Christmas eve? Mine is going pretty good...plenty of drink...plenty of food...and even more Morrissey tickets have just been booked! x.
    Yeah, I just turned 18 last October. Finally I can drink :) I do really like my band and as soon as we get anywhere near the gig stage you shall be the first to hear!
    I am the Morrissey of the band. In other words, lyricist and singer...I do a bit of drumming too. I have never mastered a guitar. My hands are good for some things but not really guitar. x.
    I wish I was in that band in my signature. It is a group called Tegan and Sara. They are sisters who make great music. My band is kinda floating dead in the water at the moment as it is X-Mas. I am in a band called Oi! Bulldog and we are pretty good, kinda a mix of everything from Smiths to Stone Roses to Joy Division.
    Hey, thanks, my avatar does rock, even I have to admit that. Yours isnt bad either :) Woop, so happy for XMas...I just need to remember to buy my f***ing ticket for Moz at Hull tomorrow. Are you going to any of the 2009 gigs? Love PTxx.
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