Request: Westwood One in concert new rock (USA 2-cd, #93-40)

Famous when dead

According to This 2CD was issued back in 1993 and it contains perfomances from Oxford and Kilburn. I know there are already bootlegs and official versions of most of the songs on this release but I'd like to nkow how's the audio quality compared to them.

Does anyone has a rip that can be uploaded and shared?
Thanks in advance!
I've yet to see a proper CD rip of this in my entire time of sharing here.
I believe the transcription material used on official releases is identical in a digital sense.
I think there's a boot claiming to be a vinyl rip (on CD) from a TD (BBC, LP: 155154-S).
The main 2 decent FLAC versions shared by the community were:
'Same Day Again' Remastered (bits added and processed).
BBC 6 Digital Satellite re-broadcast (which is the best).
Dances With Octopuses (Silver CD / Soundboard / Broadcast).
BBC 6 Digital Satellite re-broadcast (which is the best).
Both BBC 6 versions are cracking quality.
None of this particularly helps, but if anyone finally wants to share a CD rip it would be welcomed heartily.
That said, it has avoided being shared for a considerable time - so best of luck.
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