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  1. ForgotHowIGotMyName

    Scott Weisswald of Counter-Currents reviews "California Son"

    Excerpt: Oh, Morrissey. So much to answer for. The former Smiths ringleader and self-described “humansexual” released his twelfth solo studio album in May, a collection of covered songs from the 1960s and ‘70s backed by such names as Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Broken Social Scene’s...
  2. Librarian On Fire

    "California Son" review / download - Radio New Zealand

    Reviewer William Dart of New Horizons Radio New Zealand gives a mixed review of "California Son". I did like William talking about the mixed gender roles of Morrissey singer love songs from a female protagonist on the album. Review can be listened to online or downloaded. Morrissey's...
  3. the.legend

    "California Son" review in

    Album review: Morrissey - California Son - by Kernan Andrews Excerpt: SUPPORTING BREXIT and UKIP, and making sympathetic comments about far-right figures have left Morrissey fans disgusted, in despair, and in denial - often, with long term fans like myself, feeling all three at...
  4. A

    Much as I admire Morrissey’s refusal to conform, I don’t much like his music by Rob Liddle/Spectator

    "Still, keep annoying them, Steven." Much as I admire Morrissey’s refusal to conform, I don’t much like his music - The Spectator By Rod Liddle His latest, California Sons, is an album of not terribly good songs Rock stars who utter something a little gamey, something a tad right-wingish, are...
  5. BookishBoy

    "California Son" review by Armond White in National Review

    Armond White, always an interesting writer, with a typically provocative and fascinating in-depth reading of the album: Morrissey’s California Son Makes Protest Music Personal - National Review "Morrissey proves that what we used to think of as protest songs contain more than virtue-signaling...
  6. A

    "California Son" review (7/10) -

    Morrissey - California Son (7/10) - IndieForBunnies (Italian) By Fabrizio Siliquini
  7. M

    "California Son" review in Les Inrockuptibles

    A nice review of the album in one of the leading French (and leftist) culture magazines Excerpt: De retour avec un album de reprises, le Moz fait entendre la beauté quasi immuable de sa voix...
  8. Famous when dead

    ‘California Son’ Is the Confounding Yet Captivating Work of a Charmless Man (4/5) - Albumism

    4/5*s By Libby Cudmore (28 May, 2019). Excerpt: "I’ll admit, when I first heard the news of California Son’s pending arrival, I scoffed. I tried to resist the siren song of “Wedding Bell Blues,” telling myself that a cover with Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong couldn’t possibly be good. And...
  9. A

    "California Son" reviewed by El Pais (Spain) 4 out of 10

    Biggest daily in Spain. Headline sums it up, "An Empty and Insubstantial Morrissey". Says the problem is not his political pronouncements, but rather that he "gives the cold shoulder" to those singers to whom he pays homage... "Morrissey is limited to being Moorrissey" Review generally much...
  10. A

    "California Son" reviewed by Under the Radar (4 out of 10)

    Just when you thought things could not get any more ridiculous, this one opens with a "trigger warning"!! Let's get the trigger warning out of the way: despite being a collection of 12 new cover tracks, California Son is still a record by the individual known as Morrissey...
  11. BookishBoy

    "California Son" review in The Scotsman (3 out of 5 stars)

    Part of a group review, but an interesting take nevertheless... Extract: "His taste in selections is so impeccable that he cannot better the originals – nor does it sound...
  12. A

    "California Son" review in Pitchfork (5.9)

    Morrissey - California Son (rating: 5.9) - Pitchfork By Ben Hewitt Morrissey and some (barely audible) high-profile guests rework 12 of his favorite ’60s and ’70s songs by American artists to mixed results.
  13. A

    More reviews of "California Son": The Independent (2 stars), The Times (2 stars), Financial Times

    Morrissey, California Son, review: Album’s missteps might be forgiven if you could dissociate the music from the man.... The Independent (2 of 5 stars) Can we listen to a new album from an old hero who’s broken our hearts? It seems not By Helen Brown Morrissey: California Son review ... The...
  14. BookishBoy

    California Son review in Rolling Stone by Kory Grow (3.5/5 stars)

    A mostly positive review in RS, by Kory Grow: Morrissey’s Covers LP ‘California Son’ Shows Off His Golden Voice, Perplexing Politics (3.5 / 5 stars) - Rolling Stone ‘California Son’ features songs by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Buffy Sainte-Marie. But what is Moz trying to say? Extract...
  15. BookishBoy

    "California Son" review by A.D. Amorosi - Variety

    Review of the album in Variety that actually engages intelligently and articulately with the challenges of listening to Morrissey at this point in time. Album Review: Morrissey’s ‘California Son’ - Variety The quintessentially curmudgeonly British crooner and lyricist finds the crabbiness in...
  16. BookishBoy

    "California Son" review by Laura Snapes (1 star, obvs) - The Guardian

    Despite not being sent a copy to review, the Guardian has - of course! - reviewed the album anyway. Morrissey: California Son review – clumsy covers with a troll-like spirit (1 of 5 stars) - The Guardian In the words of Laura Snapes: "it is impossible to hear a number of the covers on...
  17. A

    Morrissey shines on ‘California Son’ despite himself - RIFF Magazine

    ALBUM REVIEW: Morrissey shines on ‘California Son’ despite himself - RIFF Magazine By David Gill "For fans willing to look past Morrissey’s political incorrectness, California Son is more evidence that the singer’s talent shows no sign of waning."
  18. the.legend

    "California Son" 4.5/6 in Germany’s leading music magazine Musikexpress

    Germans leading music magazine ‘musikexpress’ rated California Son (4.5/6) Source: Translation via google: Morrissey California Son André Boße 23.05.2019 Morrissey wants to save his ass. The man also needs that: how much love did...
  19. RobLand

    "California Son" - A.V. Club review (Grade: B)

    Relationship status with Morrissey’s new covers album: It’s complicated - A.V. Club By Josh Modell B grade. tl/dr: "Without the baggage of his political views—which is where the letter grade on this review comes from—California Son would be a worthy addition to a mostly stellar catalog"
  20. the.legend

    "California Son" review in Tonspion (4/5 stars)

    Morrissey - California Son (4 of 5 stars) - TONSPION By Kerstin Kratochwill German music website tonspion reviewed California Son. Translation via google. “Oh Morrissey: The beauty of the new cover versions have a flaw, because escaping into nostalgia can not just wipe away the presence of...
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