"California Son" review by A.D. Amorosi - Variety

Review of the album in Variety that actually engages intelligently and articulately with the challenges of listening to Morrissey at this point in time.

Album Review: Morrissey’s ‘California Son’ - Variety
The quintessentially curmudgeonly British crooner and lyricist finds the crabbiness in other artists’ songs.
By A.D. Amorosi


What, then, with his new “California Son” album, could the king of Generation Whine bring to its covers of rare protest songs and gender-switching relationship kitsch from the 1960s and ’70s? Especially considering how much of a mess he’s made of the last several years of record label snafus, bland albums, health problems, gig cancellations and extremist right-wing pin-wearing?

Why, guts, guile and barely controllable emotion. Morrissey hasn’t sounded this passionately committed to song — any song — since 2004’s “You Are the Quarry.”
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