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  • I make it out to the beaches in LI when I visit my Queens friends, but otherwise don't get out that way very often. Also - just discovered the Long Island wineries last summer - they were surprisingly nice so I definitely plan on another day trip sometime during the summer.
    Hey Kimmy, Right now I'm about an hour north of the city in Orange County. Was a city gal for years though (Manhattan/Queens) and miss it. How 'bout you?
    I am about to start a thread about "friends"
    just post to it about only having one or something and then I am sure you will have more if you want :thumb:
    Yeah, I hope they come back for a second leg. I think there is a good chance. I can't believe you got to see them on your birthday. What a way to celebrate! And good thing you got to see them twice because once is just not enough! Their setlist has been amazing... One Caress, Insight, Clean, Freelove, Dressed In Black...I would love to hear any of those! :D
    TOTU was actually the first tour I couldn't make it to since Ive been a fan. I did get to see Moz though. They even skipped my city for the first time in a long time. Im still bummed about not seeing them but Im praying for a another U.S leg!

    Did you get to see TOTU? Have you been to any of their other shows?
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