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  • Considering I have lived here for a lot of my life, I've never done the winery thing! I've passed them but not visited. I have a friend at work who goes now and again and really loves it though. My very limited knowledge says you'll do nicely on the north fork! And yeah, that's mah job :) I have an art degree, not a science one, but I find it's working out well nonetheless!
    Ah nice! I grew up on Long Island, then lived in Queens for a handful of years. Now I'm back to LI. It's got it's "issues" but I think I'll always love it somehow :)
    Yes, I've been meaning to ask you for a few weeks, based on your user name which was a dead giveaway.;) I used to work in Bayside, I am there all the time now to do shopping and stuff. I'm sure the Hudson Valley is beautiful. Did you go to the NY shows back in March?
    Aw, thanks EB, that's sweet. He's feeling a bit better but his allergies are the pits so early Spring is rough on him. I have found such great pics on here - glad you liked it!
    Hi, love that pic of Morrissey in the flat cap and black coat....such style. :)
    Hope your little one feels better soon.
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