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  • Yeah, they're doing round 2 in Europe right now, right? So maybe there is hope for the US! I just wonder if it would have been announced already if so...ah well, all we can do is wait. And hope!
    I'm hoping for a second leg too! There were/are rumors of it but who really knows! I got to see them 2 days this tour, both in NYC. One night was my 30th birthday so it was a nice celebration :) Really enjoyed the shows. I personally felt the second night I saw them was better but I can't pinpoint exactly why. It might have had to do with the different seats I had, or maybe that they changed up a couple of songs on the list. Either way, really great!
    Yeah, still working. It's been super busy, thank goodness!
    Congrats to you! Well done on being almost done with school! Wow, a pretty jam-packed year for ya. Waaay exciting!
    Haha i've actually never written for the college paper; i've had the paying job covering h.s sports for something like 4 years, and since that pays i stuck with that lol. I highly recommend getting involved with the paper there, though. It's great fun, and great practice for those interested in the profession. I was, but broadcasting is damned much fun, and i'm told i have the voice for it, so i'm heading that route. ;)

    If you have any questions, or want any help with things, don't hesitate to ask love. I'll do my best to lend a hand.
    Hey you! I'm doing great! I am so happy slept in until 10 today with no interruptions! :guitar: :D How are you? Excited for DM CD/Tour? I most certainly am!!! How's school going?
    Nice article! Its so cool that you're doing that. :) In turn, here's an article that i wrote last night (hope you enjoy high school basketball ;) ).

    I'll hit up YouTube for some Depeche Mode. Thanks for the tips!
    It was online. I think they took the link down though. If I find it Ill send it to you.

    You should check out Depeche Mode. I think you might like them. I would suggest their most well known singles from Violator or Music for the Masses. Specific songs: Enjoy The Silence, Personal Jesus, Never Let Me Down Again, Policy of Truth, Strangelove . . .
    Well that sounds very very cool. is it online? Could you post a link? I'd love to read it.

    I'm afraid i'm not overly familiar with Depeche Mode. What from their catalog would you suggest? And the timeslot i'm looking at is Tuesdays 10 to midnight. Hopefully it all works out.
    That is very cool! What did you write about?

    Oh you better believe there will be Smiths/Moz music! ;) I'm looking to do what i would call a traditional "college rock" show, with old-timey college rock; Smiths, Moz, R.E.M (my favorite non-Moz-related band), XTC, that sorta thing. It's tenatively titled "Radio Free Toledo." I cannot wait. :D
    I am. I'm doing play-by-play for my school's football and women's basketball games, doing occasional news reports, and once next semester starts i'll host a music show, which should be smashing good fun. :D
    Why thanks you darling. A Merry Christmas to you as well. I've been quite well, thanks. Pretty busy these days; i've become involved in the college radio game which i find to be quite fun. :) It fills me time.
    I have tried but its mostly to no avail. I do want us to be as close as we can be but ultimately it is up to her.
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