What would you do if you won the lottery?


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I bought tickets for myself and co-workers today. Powerball is $290 million.....was just daydreaming.....what would you do if you won. This is what I'd do.

Kidding. Maybe.

Probably buy one of these....BMW, 7 series.
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My favorite fantasy... the lottery, not the two chicks at once--been there, done that! :p

Anyhow, if I won $290,000,000 what would I do? Let's just say I'd unleash the wild hedonist in me.

I'd be eating a lot more lobster. And I would travel. I'd take my mother and son... and cat if possible... around the world with me. Then after a year or so, I'd buy some property on the water and buy one of these puppies...

Around the same time, I'd build my son a skate park/skate shop. And give him a sizable chunk of cash.
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well someone beat me to the two chicks at the same time line. I'd give a couple mil to my folks and probably by a fancy sports car and then travel to my heart's content


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I would travel the world :)

I would also visit a big shopping mall like Westfields in London and splash my cash on clothes, clothes and more clothes!

I would move to the countryside and live in a period built thatched roof cottage with enough acres of land for horses, chickens, dogs, the lot. Plus a swimming pool ;) just for the hell of it.

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Probably buy one of these....BMW, 7 series.
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And just think I could have one from BMW brand new for Nine months/9000miles.
Taxed,insured and all repairs if needed(unlikely)
For about £400 a month.
Then get another.
In fact I could get most any BMW model from work.
If I was going to get a car(which I'm not)
It would be one of these.
I had the Cooper S version a few months ago on a weekend test drive and they're great fun.


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I'd buy a real mattress. :p

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Take care of my family and friends - whatever they need or want. Make sure both of my Godsons went to the best schools, and then I'd buy Cotchford Farm for myself, and live happily ever after...



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I would make sure my Mum and Brother were looked after. Give some money to various charities that mean something to me. Travel the whole Globe and then when I got back home I would buy a nice pad (house) for myself.....maybe find a nice guy to share it with and fill it with children and lots of pets :) We can dream can't we

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