Tori Amos: Canberra 09/16/2007 (audience)

I just grabbed this from one of the Tori fan forums, cleaned up the tags, added artwork, etc., and uploaded it for your enjoyment. It's a very good (but rather quiet) audience recording from one of the American Doll Posse shows that's not available to purchase on the Legs & Boots site. As always, there are plenty of b-sides and other fan favorites in the set. Plus, it ends with her finest song evar. :D
170Mb, 192kbps MP3s

Canberra Theatre - 16/9/07 (Total time 2:04)

Part I (Clyde)
Bouncing off Clouds
Little Earthquakes
Beauty of Speed

Professional Widow (remix) (interlude)

Part II (Tori)
Big Wheel
Space Dog
[band intros]
Cornflake Girl
Take to the Sky

Part III (T & Bö)
Me and a Gun
Here in My Head

Part IV (Tori & Band)
Digital Ghost
Black Dove
Code Red

First Encore
Precious Things
Secret Spell

Second Encore
Hey Jupiter


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I saw Tori on this Australian tour & Hey Jupiter was just so amazing...well the whole night was. And the idea of the 'characters' or different 'dolls' worked well with the show.

Thanks for this!
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