The Smiths' legacy - Art & Sound (new print)

The Smiths' Legacy - Art & Sound (New Print)

The Smiths are my favourite band. Like probably many of you, over the years I've accumulated a considerable collection of Smiths' records, cds, cassettes, old magazines, those tacky badges, posters, t-shirts, books and other extravaganzas. This new print gives you an in-depth and well-researched insight into The Smiths' UK discography and legacy. It compiles the band's studio albums, UK singles and compilations, but it also includes key information on the cover stars and UK chart numbers per release, key UK TV appearances, the hidden UK vinyl matrix messages and more.

  • UK studio albums, single, B sides, compilations
  • UK chart number
  • UK release date
  • Cover star information per release
  • UK vinyl matrix messages/etchings on vinyl
  • Rough Trade catalogue number
  • Non-UK singles
  • Key UK TV appearances
Print available either framed or unframed here

This print will be dispatched on April 25th. The first orders come with a print that compiles Morrissey's musical influences, favourite songs, albums and more.
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