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  1. The Sense Of Doubt

    The Smiths' History Print out now + freebie

    The Smiths' Legacy - Art & Sound Add the word SHOPLIFTER on the checkout note section and I'll include a free Morrissey print that compiles his musical influences, favourite songs, albums and more. More info about The Smiths' print here More info about the Morrissey print here
  2. The Sense Of Doubt

    The Smiths' legacy - Art & Sound (new print)

    The Smiths' Legacy - Art & Sound (New Print) The Smiths are my favourite band. Like probably many of you, over the years I've accumulated a considerable collection of Smiths' records, cds, cassettes, old magazines, those tacky badges, posters, t-shirts, books and other extravaganzas. This new...
  3. SuedeMoz

    Article: ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’: Behind the Album That Broke The Smiths

    ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’ became The Smiths’ premature epitaph. Morrissey and Johnny Marr still feel it’s their best album.
  4. Morrissey’s Princess

    Relateable Smiths/Morrissey lyrics

    What lyrics by The Smiths and/or Morrissey do you folks find most relateable? Serious answers please :|
  5. Morrissey’s Princess

    Question Smiths font

    Does anyone know what the font on all of The Smiths things is called? You know, the one that looks like this:
  6. estebanluissoto

    New Wave Memoir

    Hey fellow Mozzerians, I thought I'd share a memoir I wrote about how profound the New Wave era was for me. The Smiths/Morrissey (as well as other New Wave bands) had an immense impact on my life and still do to this day. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and, if you do, I'd love feedback. Thank you...
  7. Lilyquirino

    How was the first impact of The Smiths in your life?

  8. bobbyjunelive

    Ridicule the Panic

    Could life ever be sane again? (just a little tribute to a sharp tongue in a cutting time -
  9. The Chameleon

    Very positive story in Rolling Stone with Half A Person clip

    Watch Morrissey Perform Smiths Obscurity ‘Half a Person’ for First Time in 20 Years Fan favorite was the B-side to “Shoplifters of the World Unite” and later appeared on the compilation album ‘Louder Than Bombs’ Morrissey played his first concert of 2020 on March 6th...
  10. D

    'When we were sad we listened to the Smiths' – European critics on UK culture

    'When we were sad we listened to the Smiths' – European critics on UK culture A general arts article in The Guardian which mentions, inter alia, Morrissey and The Smiths:
  11. Cliff Gloom

    The Smyths: Meat Is Murder - Live in London

    Feeling Gloomy proudly presents: The Smyths: Meat is Murder 35th anniversary tour at O2 Academy Islington this Saturday 11th January! The world’s number one Smiths tribute celebrate the 35th anniversary of ‘Meat is Murder’ The band will perform a 2 set show in which all of the tracks from the...
  12. Cliff Gloom

    Sat 11th Jan - The Smyths: Meat Is Murder 35th Anniversary Tour

    Feeling Gloomy proudly presents: The Smyths: Meat is Murder 35th anniversary tour at O2 Academy Islington on Saturday 11th January! The world’s number one Smiths tribute present another loving homage to the band. This time they focus on, and perform all of, ‘Meat is Murder’ as it hits its 35th...
  13. vividandinyourprime

    What does Morrissey mean when he says "die"?

    "Ask me why and I'll die"? I apologize if I sound stupid, this question has been on my mind for a while now. Like die? Literally die? Thanks.
  14. James Ernest Williams

    Morrissey style & clothes

    That see through black zip up top in the video "November Spawned a Monster" where did that come from?
  15. Giant

    Smiths double CD There Is A Light & Jeane w Sandie Shaw limited pressing 19137

    Hello Smiths/Morrissey Folks Bought this back in the late 90’s. I’m almost certain off a collector here on Morrissey-solo when it was in it’s infancy stages. It’s over 20 years ago forgive me, can’t recall the guys name…Anyway, I just took it out of storage. I don’t know much about it...
  16. S

    Morrissey /Smiths air fresheners, towels must see

    You can get these in my Etsy shop. Very unique! You need these for your car and home Towel: 26" x 53" Double sided print, Micro Fiber Air Freshener: New car smell Etsy store link:
  17. TonyMaroneythePony

    The Smiths' debut album - 35th anniversary of release mentioned by CoS, Warner Bros. Germany

    Classic Album of the Week: The Smiths’ Debut Remains an Album to Fall in Love with All Over Again - Consequence of Sound By Libby Cudmore Not even Morrissey's latter-day sins can taint the pure love listeners feel for this record...
  18. Reggie Kray

    True vintage Panic T-shirt for sale

    Hello All I've listed a vintage PANIC shirt on eBay Reach out if there are any offers here... Many Thanks.
  19. E

    Hannah Hirsch - “Åt helvete” (striking resemblance to “Nowhere Fast”)

    Just picked up this record from Reckless on Berwick St., London this afternoon for £2... for no reason other than I like Scandinavian music and this seemed the sort of edgy sleeve-art likely to hold a record I’d like... Anyways, long story short - according to Discogs, this is German vinyl...
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