The ROTT B-Sides

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,

In speaking to Boz after the apollo show last night, he reckons there are six b-sides from the ROTT sessions. I'm figuring that they are:

Good Looking Man About Town
I Knew I Was Next
Human Being
If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me
Gang Lord
Song From Under The Floor Boards

In which case, a third single would need new stuff or be made up with live songs, unless the two covers aren't included. Anyone know of any others not listed above?

Johan de Witt

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No, they recorded some new b-sides, as was mentioned on the main board a few days ago:

The last part of The Boyfriends tour diary (Playlouder) is now up...

Matt the new drummer is telling us about some b-sides he's just finished. The songs are recorded as instrumentals and nobody has any idea of how the vocal is going to sound until Morrissey goes in and does his bit. A strange way of working, but it seems to work.

Don't know if they will show up on The Youngest or In The Future...


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I just hope there are enough b-sides for another deluxe edition like there was for YATQ. 1 hour and 20 minutes of genius!
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