Northern Portrait - Live at Old Ironsides - Sacramento, Ca


Yes thank you very much modrevolve.
I wished they'd hurry up with the album though, but yes patience is a virtue i know.


Standard Model
"Your new favorite moment" is the only new track previewed live from the new album which will also feature "Crazy", "What Happens Next" and "The Operation Worked but the Patient Died". Can't remember off the top of my head what the title of the album is to be called but Stefan (singer) told me the cover art will feature some building built in the 50's. Its pretty much done and will be out in a couple of months

Stefan's girlfriend has been posting pictures of their tour here

They are headed back home to play some shows with "the pains of being pure at hear' and figures crossed will be doing an east coast tour of the states in the fall that my girlfiend will be helping them book. My band "the standard model" may be playing some shows along side them which would :guitar:

I was told they were signed to Mantine recordings literally two days after posting Crazy on Myspace..
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