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Nov 6, 2019
Nov 23, 2006
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Standard Model, from Philly

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Nov 6, 2019
    1. gigi787
      hi there, i noticed that several years ago you shared the Tarquin Roughs by the National, but the link no longer works, clearly. Might you be willing to re-up the link? I'd be v grateful. Thanks!
    2. used to be a street boy
      used to be a street boy
      Hi modrevolve - I noticed you bought the full set of Wedding Present reissues a while ago... - bit of a random request, maybe, but do you happen to have MP3s of 'The Hove Sessions', the singles that came with the set? I'm missing those tracks... - thanks - Steve
    3. nightingale+therose
      Hey Modrevolve, can you let me know what the set list is for Saturday's TWP gig?
      pretty please?
    4. mikael
      Hey that's great! Let me know if there is any other Swedish stuff I can help you with:-)
    5. Skinner
      I think I searched for it a while back but never was able to find it. Link Plz? This computer is so old when people post you tube videos on here its just blank. If I get the link I will try to play it on my phone...
    6. Skinner
      What is the link that to the video you just posted? I can't access it on this dang computer. I hope I don't look or sound like too much of an idiot, but I'm not going to hold my breath. haha.
    7. sweetness522
      Thanks so much! I was in shock! I never stalked - I mean stood in a hotel, EVER!:D I was in there less than 5 minutes. It was surreal.
    8. Corrissey
      Nice to see you back.

    9. Corrissey
    10. emma1979
      cool what a sexy man he is great thread x
    11. shawnxvx
      see you tomorrow! remind me to talk with you about using dolla dolla billz in london.
    12. Corrissey
      No, but he knows I have one. :o:rolleyes:

      Let's just talk about The Who. :guitar::D
    13. Corrissey
      You can always leave pervy messages here :D and even pervier ones in PM's. :p
      Besides, your girlfriend will give us both a beat down on Facebook. :eek:
    14. Skinner
      Dude I don't know whaaaaaat you're talking about. ;) Why am I dead set on getting banned? I don't hate anybody for the record. I guess I'm just pushing the moz solo limits. No offense to Davidt of course. Others, offense for sure.
    15. Skinner
      What did I do this time? Tag abuse again? The Mombanger question? Nothing I've done wrong today has been deleted...yet...
    16. sweetness522
      You are welcome! Aside from my dreadful attempt at artwork....enjoy it!!:D
    17. sweetness522
      Two downloads finally done!! Okay, I need your help. This always confuses me. When I go to drag the folder from my hard drive to Nero, which one do I use? I see about 8 folders there!!
    18. sweetness522
      I'm gonna wait until I'm done with these two downloads and then start on more. Just so I don't slow down too much!
    19. sweetness522
      Thank you! I am at 50% on MSG and 73% done on Derby. It seems to be slowing down my computer, could that be?
    20. sweetness522
      Thanks! I can't wait.:D Wish me luck; technology doesn't always agree with me!
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