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So, I think we’re all agreed that last night’s Leeds setlist was absolutely awful. 15 bad songs plus 3 I’d never heard. At least he did 6 good songs, so could have been worse. So how do we make it better? Loosely based on last night’s setlist, here’s my pick. What would you have in your setlist? 24 songs, remember...

First of The Gang To Die

Something is Squeezing My Skull

The Boy With The Thorn in His Side

Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know

Sister, I’m a Poet

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

I Spent The Day In Bed


That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Once I Saw The River Clean

Good Looking Man About Town

Never Played Symphonies

Glamorous Glue

Seasick, Yet Still Docked

The Youngest Was The Most Loved

I Have Forgiven Jesus

Love Is On It’s Way Out

Nobody Loves Us

Interesting Drug

I Know Very Well How I Got My Name


Jack The Ripper

Every Day is Like Sunday


Half a Person



My 24

Sister I’m a Poet
Jim Jim Falls
Everyday is like Sunday
Girlfriend in a coma
Angel down we go together
Spent the day in bed
I wish you lonely
First of the gang to die
Picadilly palare
How soon is now
Irish blood English heart
Please let me get what I want
Hairdresser on fire
You just haven’t earned it yet baby
Last of the famous international playboys
You have killed me
Find out for yourself
The queen is dead

Last night I dreamt


I think the Leeds setlist is pretty good. It's a good mixture of Smiths songs, old Morrissey songs, songs past 2000, covers and new material. Also I think it's amazing he did 24 songs. Even if there are some songs you dislike, just ignore them. I think 24 is a lot better than just doing 16 or 18.
Of course there are so many great Morrissey and Smiths songs that we could always construct a better setlist. But for me the setlist sounds very good and I'm looking forward to a similiar setlist tonight in Cologne, hopefully.

I have to say I also like lots of his recent songs. I wish you lonely, Istanbul, Spend the day in bed for instance are absolutely amazing. I'm really looking forward to I wish you lonely tonight, and the new songs and also the covers which personally I haven't heard him doing live yet.

Baz Matti

Fact is, whatever set list he produced wouldn't please everyone, so it's an impossible task for Moz & the band.
If he plays x, then someone will say oh no not that old hat number, or y, oh no I hate that track, or z why did he do a b-side which no-one apart from an ardent fan would know, & so it goes.
We all have faves, & ones which we like but to a lesser degree, but the whole experience is what counts...seeing Moz perform on stage, & all the band & lighting effects. Leeds was an excellent show by the way, & I loved the set list. Great mix.


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I can’t see how you feel Leeds was so bad, the “world peace” tour was much more trudging.
He played three smiths tunes which don’t often get a run out, a decent selection of his latest material, some first ever performances of upcoming songs and a decent selection of solo stuff - only “Munich” “world peace” really stood out as lulls.

anyway, my 24

1: Panic
2; Billy Budd
3: I Wish You Lonely
4: Wedding Bell Blues
5: Break Up the Family
6: The Loop
7: Maladjusted
8: Sunny
9: Know Very Well How I Got My Name
10: There is a Light That Never Goes Out
11: Once I Saw The River Clean
12: Satan Rejected My Soul
13: Everyday is Like Sunday
14: Lady Willpower
15: My Love Life
16: Trouble Loves Me
17: A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours
18: You Have Killed Me
19: Back on the Chain Gang
20: Let the Right One Slip In
21: Life is a Pigsty
22: How Soon is Now?
23: The Queen is Dead
24: Speedway


I remember the Hollywood Bowl 2007 footage as a perfect gig, made by the Gods and delivered to Earth through Moz.
Atmosphere, energy, Moz and band performance, setting.

SIX Smiths songs! Almost too many?! But, obviously, not.
Still a lot of the most recent album (Ringleader), too much for it to be technically a 'perfect' setlist. Problem now is most recent album is California Son. You can't expect him not to play it, it just means you get Some Say I got Devil instead of Pigsty - which should be straight on anybody's dream setlist.
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