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  • Hi Abrahan, I'm sorry it's come to this but I've been in search for a good number of years for a playable version on piano for Everyday is like Sunday.I did the 13 years of piano lessons but this only taught me to read music well.I'm not good at improvising.My own arrangement is poor.Would it be possible to send me a copy or attachment of the piano music for the song?
    Mark Mulhearn
    Hi there! You are the guy on the "My Life W/ Moz" DVD docu "Real Life W/ Moz" that got to meet him TWICE! SO COOL to know you, sort of. Thanx for accepting my friend request! Hey we are both 1979 borns! You just turned the big 3-0 I see. Congrats and I thought you were a bit older than me too! Mine's not for another few mos, thankfully! Anyways, I look forward to chatting w/ you sometime... All the best, Karrie
    one w question conc one record you had
    it was called "how to strip for your husband" what does the music sound like? is that a compilation? sounds interesting;)
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