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Hi everyone,

The latest episode of the 'Morrissey and Wine' podcast has come out. We discuss the latest news, Nanny Val returns to react to a song, there's a Moz quiz, we discuss our interpretations of some lyrics and there's an interview with a professional Moz impersonator - plus more.

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Also available on Apple and Amazon.

Hope you enjoy it. If you've listened to the first episode, thank you. We were really pleased to see that episode 1 ranked in the Top 20 music podcasts on Apple.

there's an interview with a professional Moz impersonator
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Spotify link here - that'll teach me for trying to do HTML:

Nanny Val's more an idle gossip than a kindly soul. But the interview with Stephen Stafford makes it worth it. I get a Future Islands vibe off this cover band, in the sense they have that something that could see them break out, perhaps with their own material, and have a few big successes.

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A few sample licks -
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