1. GhastlyGuest

    Question Signature Tattoo question

    For those of you that have met Morrissey and gotten a tattoo of his signature, can you tell me about the process of getting it tattooed? I would imagine for most of you this wasn't a planned thing so you didn't have any tattoo appointments set up. Did you just find the closet shop ASAP that took...
  2. VetTechOnFire

    My Morrissey Tattoo

    I just had my very first tattoo done. It reads "Will never Marry" "Will never" is on my left wrist and "marry" on the right. I will post a pic in a few days when the swelling has gone done. I LOVE how it turned out!!! My soon to be ex husband moved out a few weeks ago. He said he can not handle...
  3. Mr. Springheeled

    smiths tattoos

    at one point in time there were several sheets of smiths related tattoo flash floating around the internet, that have apparently since disappeared, does anybody recall this, the name of the artist, or have the images in possession?? Thanks very much :thumb:
  4. staticage

    Morrissey / The Smiths Tattoo Book

    I am in the midst of putting together a collection of Smiths / Morrissey tattoos to be published as a book called "The World Wont Listen: A Collection of Tattoos Inspired by Morrissey". I am amassing quite a collection but i'd feel remiss if I didn't scour the depths of the Moz board for the...
  5. My Morrissey tattoo

    My Morrissey tattoo

  6. My Morrissey tattoo

    My Morrissey tattoo

  7. C

    New Tattoo guys, what d'you think?

    Just got this new tattoo, after my friend sarah who'se got this totally huge intellegent border collie that like wears a tie and everything, last thursday rang me up all like 'Oh My Gosh I swear I just saw Morrissey driving down the street with Crowded House blasting and a babe in the back of...
  8. Morrissey Tattoos

    Morrissey Tattoos

    Don't Lose Faith chest tattoo
  9. Morrissey Tattoos

    Morrissey Tattoos

    Wrist tattoos
  10. nothappynotsad

    I am about to get my first Smiths tattoo.

    I am nervous, waiting for my fabulous tattooer to arrive and bestow upon me the image of a decorated teacup and saucer with "There's too much caffeine in your bloodstream and a lack of real spice in your life". What do you think? Like I said, I'm terribly nervous.
  11. V

    Thats how people grow up. Firstly i apologise i dont know how to include pictures or links on here. Oh that picture Morrissey appeard to have a tattoo above the right nipple, is this a real tattoo? thank you VivaLaMorrissey:)
  12. boyleastlikelyto

    Moz tattoo

    I want to get a tattoo of the new-ish morrissey logo. the 'M' and crown logo. anyone have a great pic for me. pleeease. this place is the greatest thank you.
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