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  • Hey there! I'm actually thinking about getting a Moz T-shirt, the vauxhall one, do you still have them? :)
    Hi there. HAppy New year.

    It's very nice, It arrived on the 24th - so just in time for Christmas and they liked it (and so did I). :)

    A change of pace can be nice. ;)

    I shall be replying to you in the other two-dimensional space soon.
    I'm so glad that you made it in one piece! If he keeps cancelling shows, we might have to come up and catch one with you. I hate that he's feeling so badly. The show was sold out so the naysayers can't blame the cancellation on poor ticket sales. He was obviously struggling at HOB and was visibly disappointed about it. I hope he's well enough for Durham.

    It's killing me that he's roaming around somewhere in NC, knowing that he's probably a little over an hour away, and I'm sitting here not looking for him when I could be feeding him soup and grilled cheese sammiches. :p

    I will most certainly burn some incense for you and you know that I have plenty to burn. ;)

    I have just woken up from a small coma. I think 36 hours awake is a new record! I hope that the two of you are safely on the road and will be home soon. If you think of it, send a message once you're home just to let us know that you made it back. I hope you don't encounter any more falling snowmen during your travels. ;)

    so glad to have met you and Al yesterday! Hope you had a safe trip back. At least the weather looked to be a good travel day. :}
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