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  • Hi- just stumbled upon your tattoo post and read that you were ill- possibly for the long haul. I hope that wasn't the case and that you're basking in health, wealth, and family!
    Aww so sorry to hear you are 'still ill' ; had to add that Smiths reference to give ya a good laugh! That's cool that you'll be traveling to TX for a gig even though you live in Vegas acc to your profile pg...That was what always held me back from going to vet school besides the $ to pay for it, I don't think I could tolerate operating on animals like you do. We just had a Spay&Neuter clinic at the shelter a few wks ago and it was my 1st one I assisted at. I must say it was kinda creepy seeing all these cats & dogs lying there looking lifeless while they were under their anesthetics! but to see them wake-up was so cool! That was my task was to administer the waking-up shot ; forget the sci name of such! Yeah I love what I do! it's almost kitten season for us which = we'll be so busy busy to quote Moz in "HOF" to paraphrase your screenname a bit! Hope you feel better! :) Talk to ya next time! Take care, Karrie
    Hi again! just wanted to thank you for adding me to your friend list! Any animal lover is a friend of mine! :D Hey! I just saw you joined the forums on the same day as the last Moz concert I attended in Boston, MA on Oct 30, 2007! Strange coincidence! My next show will be at the House Of Blues in Boston on March 29th! Can't wait to see him again! Bye and take care, Karrie :)
    hello there fellow animal care worker! I saw your name and knew I had to write to you! ADORABLE pix of your? baby and doggie! I am a cat tech myself at my local SPCA if interested. + I have a pet cat and 2 bunnies! One of Morrissey's most endearing qualities imo is his care for and concern for animals! it's becuz of him I bec a full-fledged vegetarian. I barely ate much meat to begin w/ anyhoo! hey! We are both friends w/ Corrissey & oyeterence aswell! I'd love to add you to my list as well! Bye and take care, Karrie
    i like babies even though i try and play cool and say i dont,and they always love me.
    which i do not like :p
    and i am very popular. :cool::p
    so you can ride my coattails

    i am drunk so i am a bit silly,so sorry if i come off tooo silly.:)
    Hello and Congratulations!
    Thanks for the post on the Parents board. This is my first, and I am somewhat overwhelmed, you are amazing to have 3!
    Your little cutie is so adorable. I love all that hair:)
    I just had a little girl 5 weeks early, but very healthy and very active I think!
    Cheers, Raquel
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