morrissey cover

  1. khealey237

    Cover of "Michaels Bones"

    Always one of my favorites. This version is played on ukelele, acoustic, bass, and electric guitars, with MIDI drums programmed in real-time. Recorded in my home studio using Cubase LE for mixing/recording and Ozone 9 for mastering. Please share!
  2. Jasmine Surreal

    Cover version of Every Day Is Like Sunday (When You're Shielding) Covid19 cover

    Everyday Is Like Sunday (When You're Shielding) Covid19 cover version
  3. Corrissey

    Still IL and PriMary ~ Friday 5/27 ~ LiveWire in Chicago

    Memorial Day Weekend should be one to remember! On Friday May 27th come and hear the sounds of The Cure, The Smiths, Morrissey and Marr replicated lovingly and with style at Live Wire Lounge in Avondale. In and amongst the live sets hear the finest New Wave, Post Punk, Eighties selected by...
  4. N

    Spring-Heeled Jim cover

    Hello to everyone on the forum, I have just finished recording a few videos today and one of them was a cover of Morrissey's 'Spring-Heeled Jim'. I love this Moz song at the moment and have tried to do it justice in my cover version. I'd deeply appreciate it if you guys would take a look and let...
  5. N

    Acoustic cover of 'Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself

    I'd like to share an acoustic cover I did of 'Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself'. See what you think....
  6. S

    Morrissey in Deutsch :rolleyes:
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