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    Have you seen the clips of Morrissey throwing Hecklers out of his gigs?

    Re: for your interest Um...positive and full of love? You mean the gig where he banned davidt from the concert...and all future concerts? Where he wore a T-shirt telling this entire website and everyone who uses it to f*** off? The gigs he mentioned as being miserable in interviews...
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    Morrissey's World Blogspot: who is the actual author?

    Re: Before you attack me, listen to me. This site will lose the war with morrisseys w Whomever is running Morrissey's World (and keeps spamming it here on solo) seems to think that declaring something as true makes it true. This is underestimating the intelligence of everyone here. There is...
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    Young the giant

    Freudian slip? I thought that was Julia's site?
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    Morrissey now listed on the William Morris Entertainment "roster"

    Do you all remember a few months ago when Katy Perry and several others had their riders revealed to the public? Sharon Osbourne stated that, while some of these requests are seen as odd, the celebrity pays for most of them. Take that for what it's worth.
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    Morrissey in LA

    And the cat had trouble adapting to LA living. I think they took it to therapy.
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    Morrissey in the studio?

    Why on God's green Earth are professionals taking advice from whackjob fanatics re: security? If this is accurate, I think the finger of blame for the Fall of Morrissey rests solely on Boz Boorer's soul. Doesn't he have 3 children? What is he teaching them about bullying? This is the...
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    Def Leppard Singer Ridicules Morrissey

    Oh, s'larker, c'mon! Henry Rollins is OBVIOUSLY a jilted lover. You just know he had an unrequited crush that went awry one lonely night when he was turned away after a concert or 12. Besides, when you think about it, Henry Rollins and Steven Morrissey are practically 2 sides of the same...
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    Death At One's Elbow - Explain this abomination to me

    Oh, Jiminy Crickets! When you explained it I got a brainwave -- It's about Fatal Attraction? Glen Close as a crazy, spurned, murderous lover. Her character Alex Forrest tried to kill herself and then went all homicidal. The only problem with this theory is the timing: Fatal...
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    Breaking news - Morrissey cackles, returns to home planet. *spoof*

    *BZZT* Please try again. You really do need to stop trying to correct grammar and punctuation on the forum. Not only is it annoying, but your expertise is mediocre. I mean, you actually got one minor correction right and then made 2 more errors. *tsk-tsk*
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    Barack Hussein Obama, the worst president in American history, needs to go

    I am sure you mean that as an insult, but... Considering the alternative in this thread is the same, tired FOX "News"/Tea Party-a-gogo gobbledy-gook, I'll take your unsubstantiated opinion as a compliment. I'd rather be compared to Sharpton than Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly, 2 of the stupidest...
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    New Song | Art-Hounds

    My American English spellcheck changed it 3 times. Since I m American, I went with it. ;)
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    New Song | Art-Hounds

    Morrissey is not using bad grammar because starless and Maurice E's entire premise is false. Opera is a noun usable without an article because, quite simply, it is a genre of music and theatre. Just like Rock-n-roll or Musical Theater or Rockabilly or Romantic Comedy all can be. Opera is a...
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    New Song | Art-Hounds

    He's bitching about art critics, many of whom wouldn't know art if you made them take a class. You know like old people/pensioners, etc. (e.g. a fat aunt Mabel). In the end, it's a snipe at the people who criticise HIS art. You know: fat, old, ignorant, etc. I'd go deeper, but I'm too bored...
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    Morrissey proves he is the author of the morrisseysworld blog - debate over

    Is that really your cat Myrtle? If so, she's a cute cat. Please don't stake her!
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