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    Best place to purchase Smiths T's online?

    can anyone advise? i tried bluecat and they pissed me around no end
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    Do you prefer The Smiths era, or the solo career of Morrissey?

    The Smiths for me. and yes Marr being involved undoubtedly plays a big part in me choosing The Smiths over his solo...but equally important for me is what Moz had to say during that period...and says so consistently well. i find his solo lyrics rather hit and miss in parts.
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    Why are we getting a new Greatest Hits?

    basically did Moz push for this? want this? because if he did i can't help but feel disappointed
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    Why are we getting a new Greatest Hits?

    sorry, i did do a search on related topics but nothing came up...and i'm not spending ages looking for the exact thread...ta Kewpie ;) is this something the record company has decided? what role does Moz play in this deicison? it seems like an odd selection of songs...
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    Why Morrissey is right on immigration!

    why should my generation feel the brunt of a diluted British culture because of the past "British Empire"? Don't talk shit.
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    Dale (I'm not a gay) Hibbert

    what's with his interview in the rather dodgey These Things Take Time docu? Something about "we were gonig to be a gay band" do you set about being a gay band?
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    Smiths Demos

    were there any? if so, details please?
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    New Song

    no, really...the above aint 'better'. where are you lot purchasing your rose tinted spectacles? is there a sale on?
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    New Song

    based on that it sounds like more ROTT material...boring.
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    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    Pandora_Cock....take note of the above.
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    The Killers - Sam's Town

    Sam's Town is shite. The lyrics are awful, some of the music aint bad though.
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    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    buwahahahah!! i love it
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    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    feel free to not bother responding if it's wasting your time deal!! ...if you'll put the paint brush down and step away from the canvas.
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    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    i think your an arrogant twat...and what's worse is you ACTUALLY have nothing I can see so far to justify it. If you mean i'm jealous...concerning your 'art', to get straight to the, it really is truly awful. Sorry for my lack of tact, but hey that's the way I am when people...
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    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    lol. what sort of inane question is 'can you draw' when you consider how subjective art is. i got an A for GCSE art hahaha!! does that count? no? oh. however my ability to draw or otherwise is not the point. the size of whatsherfaces head and the actual reality of how crap her art...
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