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  • hey marius,
    how are you doing?:)
    yes..i'm sorry but my messenger isn't working at all!!..:mad:
    Yeah, i will go to the cologne gig, of course..my hometwon..after all these years:D:rolleyes:..i think it was 12 years ago..the last time he visited my town..
    also i want to go to offenbach and rotterdam or berlin..and you..hey he will be also in norway..or was it denmark??..Yeah try to get some tix..where do you want to go..to the UK gigs?..or the other european one..maybe we can go together to a concert..would be great fun..after 10 months in beautiful and EXPENSIVE Paris:eek::) tell what concert you will go to..then i will buy a ticket in january..answer soon!! Maybe we can do s.th together!!

    lovley greets from cold cologne

    ..i was soo tired but also very happy..happy...happy..in addition i hate it to fly..but as you can see i'm still alive..
    i wasn't at the front...it was tough..especially tough to be a woman in such a difficult situation..i need more muscles that for sure..:)
    i was quite in the middle..on the left...i was looking after some from this forum but failed*tears*..next time we need to organize a real meeting!!
    My highlight was mama lay softly..aww the drums..in the same rhythm as my heart beat
    Vicar in a tutu..too funny..pigsty as always very emotional and heartbreaking.. AND WDYFOFY..AT LEAST..aww it was my dearest wish..i was waiting for it..since i know moz..to hear it live..somewhere in front of him....
    so you see i'm done..I'm happy..I'm sad..emotional shagged out..but satisfied..absolutley satisfied..and that's the main thing..so moz are you ready to do it again..:)
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