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  • Well, its been terrible, I got thrown out of my house in San Francisco and moved back to my mom's for now. Looking for work is hard here though. How about you? You are a mother now, right?
    Hello biki, hope you and your baby are doing well. :)
    London is still chilly, but hopefully the weather will be nicer.
    I'm OK, but London is really hot.
    After the sunset it's cooler which is a relief.
    Might get some water melon.
    Take care xx

    Hi Biki, hope you enjoyed Oslo gig last week.
    Pity an idiot threw beer at Morrissey, but it wasn't too bad afterwards.
    Good news about bikiebaby! I’m so excited that you’re *waiting* to find out if it’s a boy or girl. It’s kinda weird to call it an “it”, but knowing is the one big secret you can keep to yourselves and announce when the proud moment arrives! Aren’t ultrasounds amazing? Behold the miracle of life! :sweet: Having a baby is a beautiful thing –you’’ll “forget” what life was like before baby came and you’ll wonder how you could love anything more. So, are you okay?
    Aw, thanx :)
    Glad you saw Moz~ baby's first Moz concert. I told my daughter she went to her first Moz show in 2000! I was PG :D She was non-stop chatterboxing earlier- I told her to be quiet...and I would have been mad, but she talked to me while singing in a perfect Morrissey voice, ending and all -I had to lol :D See what you have to look forward to!?
    Thanks for the 'story', I'd be grumpy too!! I once threw a beer at my friend and then THE GLASS!!! :eek: :D She deserved it. And we're still friends :p
    Trust your own, motherly instincts. Don't listen to the mean & hormonally delusional. :crazy: There are plenty of caring Mothers on solo to talk to. :) FWIW, I used to visit if for nothing else, to track my pregnancy and learn how the baby was developing with each week.

    When is your due date? I wish you nothing but the best of health and happiness, bikie and bikiebaby! :sweet:
    I`m fine, thanks! And that the reason: I`m both attending Royal Albert Hall and Sentrum Scene to see Morrissey!

    (By the way, did you notice how old he looked in the new video, I`m trowing my arms around paris?)
    Both Stanley Ogden and Sidcup is because I attended the roundhouse gig on the 21.01.08. My guess is that the both of us are going to the Oslo gig this summer
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