The Smiths cassette bootleg tapes for sale


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The Smiths Cassette Bootleg tapes for sale..
Besides hunting for vinyl - This was the best part of Smiths collecting for me - from 1986 thru mid 90s - Before internet and CDS - Lots of pen pals from around the world trading thru the mail and fanzines and meet ups at the shows.
I have about 250 shows on cassette. I am going to work on a list.. My old computer died many many years ago and held all my collection notes and lists ..

Any interest contact me...


IMG_8721.jpg IMG_8722.jpg IMG_8723.jpg IMG_8724.jpg
IMG_8726.jpg IMG_8728.jpg IMG_8729.jpg IMG_8730.jpg IMG_8731.jpg IMG_8732.jpg


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Labor of love.......used to do the same......hunt flea markets, records stores for bootleg anything. Best of luck with the sale!
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