The rhetoric tricks, traps, and tactics of white nationalism

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    Jun 7, 2018
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    Stupid article. If I have the time and inclination over the next few days I might go through some of it point by point on here and outline just why it's all so very stupid, which would be very easy to do. At the moment I don't think it's worth the fifteen or twenty minutes it would take me to do it. I see plenty of contradictions just scanning through it -- all of which are so blatant that it's almost insulting to my intelligence for me to ask myself to waste time debunking this flaming trash heap of an article masquerading as an incisive tell-all write up about the "white supremacist"/"neo-Nazi" bogeyman online. Would be laughable, but it's knowingly duplicitous.
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    Why is this being posted to a Morrissey forum. Morrissey's not a Nazi, and none of his fans are Nazis.

    If you get even a single poster mentioning YouTube ayatollahs or offering to go through the article line by line to show how stupid it is, then I may be wrong. But until then, keep your insinuations to yourself.

    URBANUS Guest

    Fascinating piece describing lefties and how socialism works and then as usual their character assassination without understanding they are all the things they accuse others of.
    We need a war and we need it now and I am not even gonna have to wait that long for it. With the October 8 market crash worldwide my guess is that sometime in 2019 the world will burn and I will warm my hands over the fire and smile at all the stupid people that ever had kids in recent years.

    URBANUS Guest

    Doiln't waste time on some soy boy thing based on emotions and not brains. Read that and then realise that kindergarten and schools brainwash people beyond recognition and they in fact created nazis cause in Sweden we now know that the social democrats inspired Hitler so they are having their panties down by their ankles and autumn is coming and will make it feel extra chilly for the willy.

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