Now I am a was chords, ( I think) corrections welcomed.


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A friend of mine wants to play this song and we couldn't find it on any of the tab sites. I gave it a quick listen to try and work out the chords. I'm not at home and so I don't have access to any of my instruments so I can only listen to the audio and guess without actually trying to play it to make sure its correct or not? So, please corrections welcomed. I'm pretty certain that my intro is spot on but as for the rest especially the chorus,it sounds as if there is more.

My chords are based off of standard A440 E tuning EADGBE, that's what I'm mostly used to. But, the actual song however sounds like in typical Morrissey fashion its being played differently with a capo perhaps?

Now I am a was

Intro, (as well as intro before each verse)

G,B7,C,D x2


Bm, Em, C,D7 ("me with a preference for ",part)

G,Bm,Em,C x3 and the last line of the chorus, "and i worked my way down", I think is just G,Bm,C,D? I'm sure my chorus is off?


Verse, Same as first verse above

Chorus, same as above although the chord right before the middle may be wrong? I'm hearing it as the D major like off the last line of chorus above?

Middle 8 or Bridge

Modulate up a whole step to the key of A

A,C#m,F#m,D the next bit A,C#m,? Again my chorus is probably off

The end of the song although similar to the chorus it sounds like it deviates slightly from the normal chorus?

Any help would be appreciated. I'm surprised this great song has never been tabbed by anyone on the net. There are other songs out there not half as good transcribed but not this?
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