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  1. Famous when dead

    "This Is Morrissey" vinyl released today (Aug. 31, 2018); also: US CD, streaming services

    Advert with Russian text: The promotional advert (clue in the name) is still available on FB official page, but some marketing genius has limited the audience. (Link resolves to a digital portal for Apple Music, Deezer & Google Play). Not so much a...
  2. A

    "This Is Morrissey" Excluded from Charts - Morrissey Central

    This Is Morrissey (Parlophone) is listed as a Budget Album and is therefore excluded from all published album charts.
  3. A

    Morrissey interview in Esquire (Poland)

    new M interview can someone translate? "Wszyscy jesteśmy niewolnikami" - wywiad z Morrisseyem - Esquire (Poland) Legendarnemu wokaliście The Smiths zadaliśmy kilka pytań z okazji premiery płyty "This is Morrissey". By ŁUKASZ ŁACHECKI UPDATE: Translation posted by Ryan in the comments...
  4. M

    "This Is Morrissey" compilation released (UK - July 6, 2018, US - July 13)

    The new compilation is available from today on CD in the UK (Vinyl - Aug. 31), and I can see it’s already on Spotify too. Posted by an anonymous person: US version will be release on 13 july. Link to release. "This Is Morrissey" t-shirt bundle & pre-orders now available -...
  5. dotmatrix522

    'This Is Morrissey' details - liner notes by Fiona Dodwell; vinyl release date Aug. 31, 2018

    I just got this email from Crash Records, apparently it’s on Cd too. Good morning Moz fans, As you know we like to keep you posted about new releases and there is a new Morrissey compilation coming out on CD and vinyl on Friday 6th July. It's a brand new compilation curated by the man himself...
  6. Kenmare

    This is Morrissey: An Interview by Fiona Dodwell - Tremr

    This is Morrissey: An Interview by Fiona Dodwell - Tremr June 5, 2018 Excerpt: When I penned my recent piece, 'Morrissey: The Great Unfiltered Artist' it was my aim to shine a light on somebody who I felt was at times misunderstood, and to attempt to question what we were 'sold to believe' (as...
  7. Famous when dead

    'This Is Morrissey' Album (vinyl & download) - released 6th July - Morrissey Central (June 3)

    On Friday 6 July Parlophone (Warner) release This Is Morrissey album. On the same day, BMG release the single All The Young People Must Fall In Love, with Rose Garden as the B-side.The A-side is re-mixed by Bob Clearmountain.The B-side is live from The Grand ‘Ole Opry in Nashville. Both releases...
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