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By Famous when dead on Jun 4, 2018 at 1:57 AM
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    On Friday 6 July Parlophone (Warner) release This Is Morrissey album.
    On the same day, BMG release the single All The Young People Must Fall In Love, with Rose Garden as the B-side.The A-side is re-mixed by Bob Clearmountain.The B-side is live from The Grand ‘Ole Opry in Nashville.
    Both releases are available on vinyl and as download.


    Not a mock-up after all.
    Odd track list - Satellite... and including the Mael mix!?

    (7" not included in title as it has several separate threads already).

    Posted by Famous when dead:

    Update: June 4th.

    This Is Morrissey will have a release on July 6th in the U.S.A on the Sire label.



    UPDATE June 5:

    As noted by NealCassidy and Famous when dead, the US version appears to have 3 fewer tracks (Missing: "Speedway", "Angel...", "Lucky Lisp"):

    Related item:
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    1. Anonymous
      Extremely odd tracklisting. I can’t think of any rhyme or reason behind the choices. The harsh truth of the cameras eye and have a go merchant are throwing me for a loop. That said the remix of atypmfil has me mildly excited
    2. marred
      Yeah it's a weird one alright. It's basically half of the World Of Morrissey compilation with some extra random tracks added.

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    3. fuckfase
      A record exec’s kid needed a job. Just got into Morrissey after the whole Toto/Africa thing turned out to be a hipster trend that was already (widely) taken.
    4. Anonymous
      Should've reissued Southpaw Grammar as he did with Vauxhall and the rest of the catalogue
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    5. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      beautiful cover. :)

      I wonder if Russell will refuse any royalties from a man whose views he doesn't understand/agree with.

      Assuming that they receive some sort of payment from their mix that's included.
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    6. typicalgenius
      "This Is 1995" ?
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    7. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Could be wrong, but it may just fit the way he feels about himself these days, aging isn't easy for everyone and so few.

      'Have a go' is such a dynamic and wonderful song.

      yes, can't wait to hear the remix.

    8. mozzroks
      wish he would reissue Southpaw as he has done with the back catalogue
    9. Anonymous
      It’s not a fav of mine. Same with harsh truth. It’s not like I hate these songs though it’s just that I can’t think of why they would be signaled out for a comp. I don’t see the selling point or sales appeal for the label whom I assume chose these songs. I more inclined to agree with the person who said some execs son or daughter. Either someone new to morrissey or someone so wrapped up in his category that they’ve lost perspective
    10. Anonymous
      Clearly an update of 'World of Morrissey', and just as pointless. No CD version, so it looks like it's aimed at the 'kool kid' new generation of overpriced vinyl collectors.
    11. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      That’s a lovely retro cover. It reminds me of the Music For Pleasure hits compilations from the early seventies. My Nan had a few. Some bloke from Dumfries and a couple of old dears from the local pub pretending to be Tony Orlando and Dawn. Those were the days. No, hold on. That was Mary Hopkin.
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    12. T. H. Auden
      T. H. Auden
      Southpaw Grammar (and Maladjusted) was reissued in 2009. You're not a real fan if you don't know this, I'd say.
    13. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn

      Sometimes they’d run a little fast because the label wanted to squeeze in an extra track. Maybe that’s the true origin of Pinky and Perky. They got stuck with an Everly Brothers mispress and they didn’t know what to do with them.

      Bored and talking shit at 5.15 in the morning. Not a good sign, is it?

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    14. Abrahan
      I wonder what version of Jack the Ripper will be on this release.
    15. Anonymous
      Not on vinyl though - unlike the earlier albums.
    16. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      A poor effort. I will not spend money on it.
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    17. celibate
      Warner got the rights to release anything He signed there,[Morrissey ] and this is nothing new, wasting money.
    18. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      It’s the Tommy Robinson Extended Sentence Remix.

      I can’t really work out what these things are for anymore. Not just Morrissey, but any artist. There’s surely no money in them and in the age of playlists on the go and high quality fan art a compilation album is surely the least exciting of formats.

      If it was coming out in half a dozen coloured vinyls I could see the market potential for collectors, but it isn’t. If it did I might be tempted myself, but that says more about my borderline autism than the actual album. I swear to God I must have picked up that full set of chromosomes with the very last kick of the match.

      In ye olden times these releases were part of an artists contractual obligations or as a stop gap between releases. I’m not sure either of those things make much sense in 2018. If you were going to shift a few hundred thousand, then fine, but do even Beyoncé or Sheeran manage that these days?
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    19. SweetnTenderYorkshireman
      Paint a vulgar picture?
      As others said an odd tracklist, an almost entirely pointless release if only on standard black vinyl, what is the point of purchase?
      Unfortunately, i may very well end up buying it as I don’t own a vinyl release which features ‘Whatever Happens...’ sigh...

      Isn’t it strange how an artist who has so many different compilation albums, has never really released a ‘definitive’ one?
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