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    1x standing ticket for york available

    I'm sending you a PM about this right now...
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    Morrissey is NOT racist

    camaud, I see that you are a new poster to the site and I may be jumping to conclusions, but I am guessing that you signed up to post that. All I can say is, thank you for taking the time to write up so eloquently what I am thinking. I am completely disgusted at this latest gaff, and I'm...
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    Any mozz/smiths pics in high res?

    Swords cover in hi-res - Refusal cover in hi-res -
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    Members Pics

    I recognize that lad, think I queued with him in Leeds? Or possibly Sheffield - but that was a seated venue so perhaps not. Nice chap! :)
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    The vulgarity of his lyrics

    I can't believe I never got the "tent flaps" reference before. I'm equally grossed out and also kind of excited that I have a "new" dirty phrase to drop into conversation :guitar:
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    Manchester Smiths Tour

    Myself and a few friends did the Smiths tour a few months, with Craig. I have to say, it was brilliant, we went to every site you can think of in Manchester, and Craig knew the ins and outs and all the history so well. It was a good price and I'd recommend it to anyone who'll listen! I...
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    Request: Moz on US Currency

    That was quick, thank you kindly! I am making a MOZ piggy bank (to encourage me to save for the next tour) and wanted some pictures to stick on it, so your Moz Dollars are perfect :lbf:
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    Request: Moz on US Currency

    I remember seeing a photoshopped picture someone had made with Moz's face on an American dollar bill. Does anyone have this to share? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance.
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    These Charming Men Take a Bow In The Button Factory, Dublin, 27 Dec '09

    Just in from tonights gig, which was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Wonderful touch seeing young Darragh take to the stage, he was excellent; so talented! Well done to all, really looking forward to the next TCM show, which will make Moz's predicted live absence all that easier to bear in...
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    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    Brilliant concert, I was a bit emotional I have to admit but I loved every minute. Highlight was The Loop, Moz was giving it socks and I was bopping away. Not sure what happened at the start of HSIN, did you notice Moz had no room to lie down for his wee rest?! Also, there has been a rumour...
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    Come on Ireland

    Yeah, he wanted to bleedin' bate him around de place. Hilarious though.
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    Come on Ireland

    I just watched that video and it made ME turn off my phone. He's a scary dude :eek: I loved the last caller on Liveline yesterday. Poor aul Anto was a bit upset with Roy, and wanted to, er, "love" him outside.
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    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    The Stadium is next door to Griffith College Dublin. From their website.... It's not a bad walk from town, just walk straight up from Christchurch on to Patrick Street, turn right onto SCR at Clanbrassil Street. Maybe 20-30 minutes? There's also those free bikes....
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    Come on Ireland

    Now you too can be Thierry Henry....
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