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Saturday February 10, 07

OK, maybe I won't be watching The Grammys...

04:55 AM

This Sunday, the 49th annual Grammy Awards Show will grace my television screen. Or will it? Not sure I'll tune in this year... just had a look at the list of nominees for Best Song. I kid you not, but American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, is in the running with her song, "Jesus Take The Wheel." Zeus, I hope this song is about her Mexican boyfriend, Jesus, and she is asking him to take the wheel, 'cause she is much too wasted off those ten tequila shots she pounded at that little border town bar. If not... if she is referring to the so called Christian messiah, then well... I might need to "Just Say No."

But, The Police are reuniting to commemorate their 40th Year anniversary--that's right, 7 years together and 33 years apart. *Where is my 'rolls eyes' emoticon when I need it?* Seriously though, I was a Police fan once and wouldn't mind catching their performance. But golly gee, I know I'll be able to find it on YouTube within hours of the broadcast. So why should I punish myself with car sickness from Jesus' reckless driving when I can take the short cut via the YouTube?

I think I'll be Tubing it.

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