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Sunday August 14, 05

Way To Blue

02:34 AM

Incredible, but true -- I have just now been blessed with hearing Way To Blue by Nick Drake. Don't laugh, I am a sheltered girl living in the midwest, ha ha. I have just been introduced to this hauntingly beautiful song. I am so moved. I have listened to it fifteen times in a row. It is my new favorite song.

  • Don't you have a word to show what may be done
    Have you never heard a way to find the sun
    Tell me all that you may know
    Show me what you have to show
    Won't you come and say
    If you know the way to blue?

    Have you seen the land living by the breeze
    Can you understand a light among the trees
    Tell me all that you may know
    Show me what you have to show
    Tell us all today
    If you know the way to blue?

BTW, the entire album Five Leaves Left is fantastic.

Thank You. XOXO

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  • Aaahhh, you lucky thing! There’re few things more wonderful than discovering an amazing piece of music for the first time. I love Nick Drake too – and you’ve inspired me to put on “Five Leaves Left” for the first time in ages just to remind myself how good it really is!
    Zelda <[email protected]> -- Sunday August 14 2005, @07:51AM (#175190)
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    • Re:Nick Drake by realitybites (Score:1) Sunday August 14 2005, @11:17AM
  • I thought to bring these to your attention :)

    "Time Has Told Me"

    These files constitute the entire contents of the limited vinyl triple album Time Has Told Me.

    The album was digitally "cleaned" to remove as much as possible of the vinyl noise (clicks, pops, needle talk and turntable rumble) while leaving the sound of the master tapes intact.

    No attempt has been made to remove the tape hiss that clearly originates on the masters.

    "Tanworth-in-Arden (Home recording, 1967/68)"

    "The Complete Home Recordings"

    "Tanworth-in-Arden II"

    "Second Grace"
    (scroll down)
    Codreanu <[email protected]> -- Sunday August 14 2005, @02:00PM (#175224)
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    Let's do nothing about it!

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