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Well, Ive been a Morrissey fan for about 19 years now it probably could've been longer but I grew up in a neighborhood where the music was Funk, Classic Rock, Oldies, and anything Latin. So hearing How Soon Is Now?, on the radio was very rare for me. It didn't help either when all the kids on the street were running around looking for cardboard boxes to cut up so they can breakdance on them. Anyways I have a variety music that I'm into but here is just some of them: Smashing Pumkins, Mazzy Star, Tool, Pink Floyd, Deftones, Liz Phair, Blur, D.M, Cure, Godsmack, STP, Portishead, A Perfect Circle, and No Doubt. Movies: The Wall, Midnight Express, Rebel, Giant, East of Eden, The Wanderers, Bugsy Malone, Goodfellas, Gotti, Angels with Dirty Faces, A Bronx's Tale, Donnie Brascoe, Fight Club, Star Wars, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thats all for now, I will have more soon, if anyone cares or not.

mozzer130 (5329)

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