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Wednesday June 13, 01

thoughts on V.B.Of...

09:47 AM

OK, having listened to it three times, and compared certain tracks to the original vinyl, I find myself more intrigued by what went on WHEN they recorded those tunes:- there is no doubt that the remastered versions bring you MUCH closer to the Smiths. On 'I Know it's Over', I never realised before what vocal techniques Moz used:- as on all the tracks there has been a fog lifted from the sound. As most instruments sound more seperate from each other, it's easier to hear Johnny's guitar lines (I've just successfully transcribed the lines from Still Ill). On other tracks (HSiN?, HIG) the clearer sound detracts from what the song is conveying (I am reminded of the remastered La's album from a while back) but on Some Girls... I only now get what the start of the song was trying to achieve. On Ask, the whole song seems more alive, more REAL, and I wish I had been there when they were recording it.... :-)

All in all, this remastering malarky can only be a Good Thing, I hope they remaster the whole back catalogue, then release it on HDCD or extra thick vinyl.

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