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Thursday November 08, 07

College Forever (Part II)

02:18 AM

I've had this dilemma for decades: should I get a college degree or just give up?

I need to pass three more classes to get an associate degree. Yet, if I finish these classes, I don't know if I want to go on. I don't know if I want to continue my education. I mean, I'm not enjoying myself right now. Doing homework and studying for tests is such a drag. Everything is so damn complicated. If I get an associate degree, I can look for a job. I can get a job and perhaps my life will be worth living then. But I have this feeling that I should go beyond---go for the gold! Get the most out of my college experience. I think I should get a bachelor's degree. Then I can feel like I've accomplished something. Then I'll feel important. I wouldn't be just a regular guy then. I'd be a regular guy WITH a bachelor's degree. And then I could go beyond that and get a graduate degree. I could become a lawyer. I think that would be a lofty goal. My head is in the clouds. It's so freakin' easy to think about all this stuff, but it's hard as hell to actually do the work that's necessary to accomplish these possibilities I see for myself. You know, I realize that I can get the knowledge I need to have a better occupation and make more money. The knowledge was always available. But it's so boring to learn college-level stuff! I swear, my Business Law book was the best cure for insomnia. During the Spring semester, I read it right before bed. But I don't have a problem with sleeping---I never get enough sleep. I can go strait to bed after work and fall asleep.

If there was a way to get college credits by sitting in front of the TV set and eating pizza, I'd have two Ph.D.'s by now. I'm so in love with being lazy that it's hard for me to live beyond this lame life I have. I don't like being lame I just like to do nothing. Doing nothing is what I do best.

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  • It'll mean only 2 extra years of shitty studying, but it will be totally worth it when it comes to finding a job. You will make more money and be able to do more than teach special ed.

    Just my two know what is best for you after all.
    xLoveletterx -- Thursday November 08 2007, @04:36AM (#283433)
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  • you know what? I ran through college and got the bachelor's degree..... I've had a job for the last almost 6 years...... I can afford some nice things, although in this day and age, even two college grads like me and my other half can't completely splurge because everythings so damned expensive...... plus now we have student loans..... and a mortgage for a really nice condo, but one that we couldn't sell if we tried....
    and what do we get for our trouble and pain? a job that I hate...... you see, I picked the wrong field to get a bachelor's degree in (marketing) and I've racked my brain about what to do - should I go back for something different? if so, what would that be? I have these delusions of being a doctor.... I think I could've been one...... in another lifetime....... I have so much to offer, so many interests.... I could've been so many things..... but WHAT do I do?
    and I've tried looking for a new job but no one's called..... there are some jobs that I KNOW I could be good at, but how do I convince people of this? there was a city job last year - they needed someone fluent in Polish to help investigate cases for the Equal Opportunity office - people who were treated unfairly at work.... the job was to interview these people and see if they have a case, etc. I would LOVE a job like this - where I can help.... where I can do something for someone.... I would be really good at it...... so I applied...... nada...... it came up again a few months later, I applied again, I crafted cover letters, I added stuff that was pertinent to the job to my resume, I tried to *sell myself* and nada..... oh, there were many more jobs like this, jobs I *know* I could do, even though they're a little off from my qualifications, but if they'd only give me a chance, I could learn, I could work hard, if given the right motivation...... and no one's called......
    and I'm grateful for what I have - but I just need to know what to do next and no one can tell me......

    so I go home and watch my netflix movies..... I try to make some sort of food....... I try to work out........ and time just keeps passing.... monday, friday, monday, friday... and I'm no nearer to figuring out what I can do to move away from this.......

    maybe what I'm trying to say is that a degree is part of it, but there's a whole other aspect to getting a good job, a job that makes you feel satisfied and also enables you to live a fairly comfortable life, and whatever that other part is, I don't have it.....
    everybody's lost -- Thursday November 08 2007, @09:39AM (#283478)
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    ...a chat with you and somehow, death loses its sting.

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