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Thursday January 11, 07

Thursdays aren't what they used to be

09:15 AM

Thanks to all of those that took the time to read the last ranting journal. It's been a hard month. It feels good to get some release :) In the meanwhile, I was wondering if anyone else had myspace pages or emails or cared to give me any feedback on what I've written. selfish, I know- but I could use the opinions.

Dear God- george bush..... that man is evil, horrible and a complete waste of time. We impeached Clinton for a blow job, but we aren't going to impeach Bush for lying to the american people, starting a war, and putting us billions of dollars in debt? I believe in karma. I have a feeling george is going to get a spoonfull in the end.

Or a bucket full.

Or just drowned in it.

What a moron.

*sigh* This is why I can't watch the news. It makes me all sorts of angry.

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  • to the hope that karma does exist...... it's hard when, almost all my life, I see evil people prosper, etc.

    On the other hand, I have found myself happy with myself on more than one occasion, and that's all that matters in the end.....

    oh, and I hate politics..... I want to get involved, to learn, to see and then every time I start, I get so mad, disheartened, scared... and decide it's better not to even start..... and then I start again....
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    ...a chat with you and somehow, death loses its sting.

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