A Matter Of Opinion

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Name A Matter Of Opinion
Album/single Unreleased
Length Unknown
Writer/composer Morrissey / Johnny Marr
Producer None
Release Not applicable
Recorded Cassette-only recording
Circa December 1982


Mike Joyce is known to own the cassette recording of this song made at Crazy Face Warehouse, Manchester.

Mozipedia asserts partial lyrics as:

"Oh, sit by the fire with your book and pretend that you’re active/But the very last stage of a nuclear age is not attractive’. There’s something equally biting about his later ‘God bless the boys on the factory floor …’, ‘This is just something that happens to other people’ and ‘When will you stand up and say what you really want to?’ Each verse ends on an elongated chorus groan of ‘oh, it’s aaaaaaall a matter of opinion’."


Live History

Play count (The Smiths concert): 0

Play count (Morrissey concert): 0