1. Freedom of thought

    The madness of the left wing Libtards

    Morrissey plays South American, including Mexico, without problems, but some White self loathing libtards don't like him because he speaks the truth, wake up folks! Whites, a minority in London & Birmingham, what does it take to allow people the freedom to speak out?
  2. C

    London ‘thought police’ special unit to track down online trolls

    London ‘thought police’ special unit to track down online trolls “By establishing this unit, we are sending a strong message to those who use online forums to spread hate that their actions will not be tolerated,” Metropolitan police said in a statement, as cited by The Business Standard. The...
  3. Viva Hate from Mexico!

    Viva Hate from Mexico!

  4. Ad, Viva Hate Centenary, 1997

    Ad, Viva Hate Centenary, 1997

    These are scans are various ads of Morrissey albums / events. The ads are often taken from periodicals targeted at various members of the music industry. This ad is for Viva Hate Centenary Edition
  5. Viva Hate

    Viva Hate

    A photo of my pastel drawing, Viva Hate.
  6. G

    Morrissey Viva Hate LP 1988 question

    Today at Newbury Comics I purchased for $20.00 USD a 12" vinyl LP of Viva Hate. It is wrapped in a plastic covering (as well as the typical plastic sleeve protector that most albums come with) that is sealed with a silver sticker that says "Simply Vinyl Seal of Quality Made in the UK" on it...
  7. Oh my god. it's Robby!

    the person i 'online h8' most here

    1. Buzzetta, i mean i did get banned because of him, so i gotta really h8 him right? 2. Chico, he's one of the worst trolls from chat and well i cannot fathom why he is allowed to post at all :confused: 3. Not Right in the Head, cuz Dave told me to :eek: 4. Kewpie cuz she has no avatar &...
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