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  1. scumbag

    Belt buckle from 2007 tour on Mercari

    There are also two shirts from the 2009 tour, one shirt from the 2007 Greatest Hits tour, and soon there'll be a shirt from the Boxers era (not a replica). Ta!
  2. scumbag

    Moz Shirts on Mercari (2007 tour and 2009 tour)

    They're all in very good condition. Brown t-shirt is XXL with "Greatest Hits" cover prints on the front and 2007 tour back print. White t-shirt is from the 2009 Tour of Refusal, and features Moz and the band with their "seven inches". Tour dates are on the back. Black shirt is also 2009 with...
  3. scumbag

    Poster signed by the band Savages

    I'll be putting it up on eBay soon. I happened to be among the first 100 to buy the vinyl from their label's website, so I got a poster signed by the band! Any ideas as to what it might go for? Much thanks. S.
  4. scumbag

    Feature on Baldwin shirt uproar on There are some sound points here. Mainly that the shirt isn't racist simply because a white Englishman used the image of a black man. One icon, says the author, points to another.
  5. scumbag

    Contest Post your fave photo of Morrissey on my blog

    See my blog for details! Three winners will be selected.
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