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  1. Drew a swallow

    What did make you smile today?

    Seeing my two year old son being captivated by seeing a roller coaster. Such an un-Morrissey thing, I know.
  2. Drew a swallow

    Members Pics

    I don't dye my hair and I eat really unhealthily.
  3. Drew a swallow

    Members Pics

    Me and the Chelsea boy.
  4. Drew a swallow

    Members Pics

    My son, Ethan, reprising the cover sleeve of This Charming Man -
  5. Drew a swallow

    Pat Nevin on meeting Morrissey

    It's two minutes thirty in. My football hero meets "himself". I've heard this story a few times, but I hadn't heard the piano bit before. Alan also writes: London's Under the Bridge music venue recently conducted an interview with former international footballer Pat Nevin. At the 2:32 mark...
  6. Drew a swallow

    "Love Bites" - Morrissey fan documentary from 1995 on YouTube

    Your first tour is always the best one. The Boxers tour will always be my fave. Stripped down and he was still unpopular then. He'd also just produced his best ever solo album. And Boxers was one helluva'n EP.
  7. Drew a swallow

    Pat Nevin on meeting Morrissey

    Superb story Joe Frady! - - - Updated - - - We've just won the cup too BTW. Somewhere Pat is smiling.
  8. Drew a swallow

    Pat Nevin on meeting Morrissey

    Used to exchange emails with Pat. Being a diehard Chelsea fan, and knowing we shared the same taste in music, I broached the subject of Mozz, after talking about Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura. Anyway, he said he had a tale to tell about our hero, but it was a long one and he'd tell me...
  9. Drew a swallow

    Pat Nevin on meeting Morrissey

    Ooops! Meant to put this in the general discussion forum.
  10. Drew a swallow

    Getting Old: Discuss

    I turned 40 yesterday. I was sitting on my own in the living room last night. At precisely or very near just gone midnight the baby's rocker started swinging very quickly - yeah, like in a horror film. I'm convinced it was my mum saying happy birthday to me. I was so scared it took me ages to...
  11. Drew a swallow

    What song are you listening to right now?

    My fave song from the new Belle and Sebastian album.
  12. Drew a swallow

    Getting Old: Discuss

    I'm 40 next week. For some reason I decided to smile really intently into the mirror a couple of days ago and it looked like my eyes had caved into my face! I've been really ill recently though, so that might be it. Yeah, that really must be probably it.
  13. Drew a swallow

    The Footy Thread

    Was at the Bridge today. Man City fans are so quiet! They rarely fill their soulless stadium anyway. We were lucky to get a point today.
  14. Drew a swallow

    Celebrities you've met - but with you hadn't?

    I met Martin Rossitter at a Divine Comedy gig in the mid/late 90's. I uttered "I like you more than Dennis Pennis". I was drunk. Some of you may know what this refers to. Also ran into Sonya from Echobelly after a Boxers tour Mozz gig (think it might have been Brixton) I put my arm around her...
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