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  1. DAnn Coulter

    Yet Another Useless Don Imus thread.............

    Funny (obvious) parody vid..... Catchy tune (I guess) love how it pauses for a while, then.... if baraco bauma was a woman....... :p
  2. DAnn Coulter

    OMG Duran Duran have split up!!!!!

    Sorry, had to get your attention :o Where can I find good Duran Duran bootlegs? Please help and forgive me for my dramatic lie. :) -D
  3. DAnn Coulter

    Democrats Debate on CNN today!

    Just wanna remind the people here who like poltics to tune in to watch the Democratic Presidential Candidates debate later today on CNN hosted by Anderson Cooper @ 7pm Est 4pm Pst
  4. DAnn Coulter

    NEW ORDER have NOT split up according to...

    I just got this from Joy Division's myspace...... Jul 23, 2007 2:23 AM Subject: New Order Press Statemant Body: Due to recent questions that have arisen over the future of New Order at both the Cannes Film Festival and the Mojo Awards, Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris have today...
  5. DAnn Coulter

    The Really-HOT Politician Frink Thread

    Ok people, we all know that the world of politics if filled with ugly old geezers and old hags, but there are the few who simply take our breath away. Like him........... Former Sen. George Allen (R-VA)
  6. DAnn Coulter

    Old Cartoons.........

    Does anyone remebers these cartoons? The first one is GIGI adventures and the others is Lalabel. Did they ever show them here in the U.S.? I loved these when I was a kid in the 80s, I miss them.
  7. DAnn Coulter


  8. DAnn Coulter

    5 Nashville Boys Set Dog On Fire!!!!

    Overwhelming Response To Fatal Burned Dog Case July 9, 2007 06:05 PM PDT Overwhelming Response To Fatal Burned Dog Case 20 Dogs Seized From House Filled With Filth, Garbage Five Boys Accused Of Setting Dog On Fire NASHVILLE, Tenn.- It was a crime that shocked...
  9. DAnn Coulter

    Hitler and The Smiths..............

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but I just saw this for the first time a few moments ago and I dont' know what to make of it....... Is it wrong that I smiled through the whole thing? should I had been horrified instead? .......I kinda was, but just thinking of how sick the...
  10. DAnn Coulter

    Marilyn Manson Or MCR.....???

    If your life depended on it and you were forced to choose between listening to an entire Marilyn Manson CD or an Entire My Chemical Romance CD......which one would you choose?????? and why?
  11. DAnn Coulter

    Most Annoying Troll..........

    Ok, guys............we seem to have a high volume of Trolls on this site, some are annoying, some are fun, and othes are both fun & annoying....but I'm trying to find out who's considered the most annoying of them. So please vote and do tell why. :D
  12. DAnn Coulter

    Where is the Bert & Earnie Video???

    Well :confused:
  13. DAnn Coulter

    What is your real Name???

    Ok, not trying to be nosey....just a little curious. So Post your name if you want. ;):)
  14. DAnn Coulter

    2- Terrace Hollywood Bowl tickets!!

    Ok, so the guy I'm going with and I got POOL tickets and now we have to sell these Terrace tix..... paid $310 for them ..... they are center and together. $250 for both PM me or call 310-433-4730
  15. DAnn Coulter

    Is there no freedom of speech here?

    Why was the HOMOPHOBIA thread blocked ???? It is ridiculous and absurd to shut down a thread simply because people aren't getting along in the middle of a discussion...... :rolleyes::rolleyes: Who cares if SouthpawGrammar is a (Pat Buchanan like) homophobe in denial, he has the right to...
  16. DAnn Coulter

    Why is this so funny to me??

    Someone sent me this video (which I hadn't seen) earlier today, and I just find it to be completely hilarious......from the grown guy Paul Carpenter crying like a baby after meeting Moz to the ridiculously hidious early 90's female newsanchor hair....the whole thing just kept me laughing and...
  17. DAnn Coulter

    Who should Moz procreate with..???

    Ok, which one of these super ladies would make the best Moz Baby..??? Angelina Jolie ~Hottest Bitch In The Planet~ Shohreh Aghdashloo ~Most-Elegant and Talented Iranian Actress [Oscar Nominee For "House of Sand and Fog".......should've won, Hollywood commited an unforgivable...
  18. DAnn Coulter

    Mozzer....coming to America??

    Ok, a couple days ago I was posting at [Liberal blog.....most gay] a few members and I were discussing the obvious and then the convo turned to music when someone mentioned that Moz will be touring the U.S. in the fall...... two other people coraborated the rumor and I was left...
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