big Moz apostle, was living in Tijuana, Mex working in SD CA was regular call in correspondent for radio station 91X with the Morning Show with Mat Diablo Also a big Moz Apostle.
my on radio name was Mario The Mexican Morrissey Fan did this for about a year (2009) currently relocated to Paramount Ca with my 13yr son a my wife for the last 23 yrs both also huge Moz Apostles been a Smiths-Moz follower since the beggining, also I edited a magazine in TJ during the 90's and meet david t at a Suede greet and meet he gave me a copy of his magazine "sing your life" wich i still have. during the 80' I also sang in a couple of new wave bands (3DTV and L'orquestra) saw the Smiths twice here in CA and Moz's fisrt ever show in the US in San Diego. seen him over 20 times and want to see him 20 more!

Paramount CA
currently unemployed


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