posted by davidt on Thursday February 26 2009, @12:00PM
Update: 02/26 19:19 GMT:
Kiasuchick sends the link to the Girlie Action site (choose clients->Morrissey) which now lists the first show as Myrtle Beach, SC.
Link posted in the forums by just me (original post):

Morrissey Cancels South Florida Show ... AGAIN - Crossfade Music Blog, Miami New Times

By Arielle Castillo, Thursday, Feb. 26 2009 @ 12:53PM

Local Morrissey fans were super-excited at the end of 2007, when it seemed the singer would return for a second area show that year. After an extremely well-received performance at Boca's Mizner Park Amphitheatre, he was slated to end his extended United States run with a date at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Then, he cancelled. The very afternoon of the show, due to "illness." So it seemed like he was throwing us a bone by beginning his current tour, in support of his latest album, Years of Refusal, in South Florida again. The show was slated for Mizner Park, again, this Saturday.

But, he's cancelled ... again. Again, due to "illness." Either Moz is suffering from a long mystery disease, or he views the beginning and ends of his tour as expendable. It's extremely disappointing and perhaps a little insulting. So far, the Orlando show, scheduled for Sunday night at the Hard Rock there, is still on. Refunds at point of purchase, etc.
Jones posted in the forums a link to the Orlando cancellation news (original post):

Morrissey concert at Hard Rock is canceled... - Orlando Sentinel

posted by JimAbbott on Feb 26, 2009 12:29:41 PM

Just received a press release from Morrissey's people that the Sunday, March 1 show at Hard Rock Live has been canceled "because of illness." Refunds are available at point of purchase. I will scout around for some more details, but wanted to get this up right away.

Morrissey “Tour of Refusal”
Orlando Live Date Cancellation

The Morrissey concert in Orlando at Hard Rock Live on March 1st has regrettably been cancelled due to illness. Refunds are available for ticket holders at point of purchase.
Link posted by dag in the forums (original post):

Morrissey concert cancelled -

The Morrissey concert scheduled for Tuesday at Florida Theatre has been cancelled. His publicist's office would only say that that it was cancelled over illness.

Morrissey, former lead singer of The Smiths who has carved out his own 20-year solo career, also cancelled three other concerts in Florida.

The theater staff is trying to reschedule the concert for April, but refunds can be obtained at the place of purchase.
SweatSin also writes:
I just found out Morrissey has canceled the show at Mizner Park this Saturday due to "illness." Not sure if this is the same illness(poor ticket sales) he had last time he canceled his Miami date. Either way, we hope he feels better! I suppose we'll be drowning our Smithian sorrows at Sweat Records(5505 ne 2nd ave) this Saturday instead.
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  • I hope not.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @12:11PM (#322506)
  • typical... (Score:1, Insightful)

    morrissey needs to get a life...
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @12:21PM (#322508)
  • Here we go again...this is just getting ridiculous now. I suspect these cancellations will only be the first of many over the next few months. It seems like he has the worst sickness record of any touring artist. If he was a company employee I'm sure he would have been fired by now. You wonder why you bother sometimes!
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @12:30PM (#322512)
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      • Re:Deja Vu by Nick The Name (Score:1) Thursday February 26 2009, @09:41PM
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  • Anyone heard of possible rescheduling?
    loveofmoz -- Thursday February 26 2009, @12:41PM (#322515)
    (User #22043 Info)
  • coachella (Score:2, Informative)

    No way he makes it to Coachella healthy. The guy is pushing 50 and is touring like a 25-year-old. If he cancels on Coachella, no refunds for the fans since the event still goes on w/o him. Wouldn't be surprised if the US leg gets scrapped and he does Europe first.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @12:41PM (#322516)
    • Re:coachella by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday February 26 2009, @01:43PM
      • Re:coachella by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday February 26 2009, @11:37PM
        • Re:coachella by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 27 2009, @10:19AM
  • UK dates sell out (Score:1, Insightful)

    in 48 hours,
    European dates sell out after a while

    I assume US ones (apart from in California) don't.

    Go figure
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @12:47PM (#322517)
  • I'm attending the opening night of the tour (and the 2nd show) (Myrtle Beach and Atlanta.)

    Hopefully, anyways. It'll be pins and neddles for me over the next 8 days.

    Sorry to those heading in Floriday. What a bummer.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:06PM (#322520)
  • Take your Z-Pack Moz and you will be fine before your first show. Mucinex works well too... DAMN DO IT!!!!!!
    jax1 -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:07PM (#322521)
    (User #21075 Info)
  • Morrissey has let me down.....again.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:27PM (#322523)
  • Aww I hope Morrissey Is Just sleepy!

    Good health and The best to you during this tour Morrissey..
    Don't Forget to take good care of your health by taking the proper Vitamins and minerals..
    After all you are vegan!:)
    Drink lots of Orange juice.
    Hugs and Heart to you!

    Sheech I know I am sleeepy

    I hope all his fans from this show can find it in there hearts of hearts to understand.
    There has to be a good reason.
    and if not..
    Well that should be cool to.
    Marisela -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:28PM (#322524)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • I'm sure... (Score:2, Insightful)

    ...this is all due to a lack of ticket sales. Not surprising, as some of the cities in Florida are a bit out of the way. I would imagine the Hard Rock show in Orlando saw healthy sales, but to do one successful gig out of four is probably not worth the trip. Perhaps he would have been better advised to kick it all of in a key market like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Chicago.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:31PM (#322525)
  • i am absolutely convinced it is due to (lack of) ticket sales. a few days ago i received an offer from the hard rock that they were selling $25 tickets.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:33PM (#322526)
  • i'm sure there's more to this "illness" than we expect. i'm sure morrissey found something out about florida that he dislikes. it's sad that he has to act like such a diva.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:34PM (#322527)
    (User #2789 Info |
    True friends stab you in the front.
  • Ahh well never mind
    if hes resheduling there shouldn't be too many complaints
    i remember last year when he cancelled at least 4 dates at the roundhouse
    he must be very unlucky on tour
    Mozzalini Is Me -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:36PM (#322529)
    (User #22006 Info)
  • i was beginning to think he had changed in his old age
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:40PM (#322530)
  • I'm still hoping against hope that he doesn't ditch Pittsburgh again (for the third time). But even if he does, I will still love him eternally. Yeah he's being a fuzzy diva, but that's part of what makes him Morrissey and what makes us love him. I wouldn't want him any other way.

    Luv Moz Forever!
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @01:40PM (#322532)
  • This is at least the third show of his I've had tickets to that he has canceled. And it will be the last I ever buy tickets to. What a jerk.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @02:00PM (#322538)
    • Re:What an ass by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday February 28 2009, @05:33PM
  • We'll make you numero UNO Moz, you just have to show up...

    i bought YoR, did you?

    lonedom -- Thursday February 26 2009, @02:16PM (#322540)
    (User #7846 Info)
    Veteran of both World Wars on Job Seekers Allowance
  • I have loved Morrissey since 1985 and have tried to see him twice now in Pittsburgh. Both times he has cancelled due to illness the day of the show. I was crushed. To be honest, I don't believe the excuse either time as I believe that the first venue wasn't classy enough for him and the second was outdoors in a giant wind storm. Come on, Morrissey, we are the people out here who sell your albums and make your money, not just those in the UK. Have a little consideration for your fans and suck it up and perform, "illness" or not, like most of us do at work everyday. Be a professional for goodness sakes!!!
    sad in pittsburgh -- Thursday February 26 2009, @02:44PM (#322548)
    (User #22044 Info)
  • He didn't do a show in Texas on the 2004 'Quarry' tour. It sucked because I had taken the day off and everything. So, I know how you feel. At least you knew in advance. Make sure you try to get your money back asap. You will NOT get all of it back but you will get most of it.
    Oh, if you live in a small town/market or in a state with a lot of shows (like Texas) he may drop a show or two. It's sucks but it's what it is. Sorry
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @02:48PM (#322550)
  • Too many old people in that state for a Morrissey show. Also, you people could not vote right in 2000 or 2004 so we got stuck with George W. Bush for 8 years. This is what you get!
      JK- sorry to hear about the shows. I heard the Jonas Brothers are on tour down there. Maybe you go see them-lol.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @02:59PM (#322554)
  • 3 nights in Brixton Academy in the end of May....the end of UK leg of the tour....can't see him doing all 3 nights!
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @03:06PM (#322556)
  • I am totally disappointed about the Jacksonville cancellation. Last time he played here, there was a TON of people, at least 1500, which is saying something for a show in Jacksonville. Our Smiths/Morrissey was going to play an afterparty at a nearby club afterwards. Oh well, hope he reschedules.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @03:09PM (#322558)
  • The problem in America is that everyone wants everything for free. They want to download the album for free and don't want to buy a ticket. Or they want to do something stupid like waiting til the last day or two to see if they can win tickets from the radio or some club.
    If you are a Morrissey fan and you want him to do the show in your area BUY your ticket NOW! It's the people who put this thing off that screw it up for everyone. It was poor ticket sales that killed the first 4 shows.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @03:12PM (#322559)
  • he won't re-schedule (Score:1, Interesting)

    last time he cancelled in miami he *was* in miami... hanging out at the hotel.

    i can't believe there are so many apologists here talking about logistics -- the man is a diva and treats his "fans" rather poorly.

    in case some of you don't know, florida is a top holiday destination for brits, there are daily direct flights from london/manchester to miami/orlando through british airways, virgin, and american carriers... (i should know, 'cos i fly those routes all the time.)

    if past performance serves any indication, he won't re-schedule...

    he had 10 days off, illness is a poor excuse

    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @03:21PM (#322563)
  • so you lost money honey? i feel sorry for you. If you already have plane tix come down anyway, Florida is beautiful this time of year. In fact you might even catch old Moz himself sun tanning on the right there on south beach. Lord knows he needs it. If he is sick, and has what my office had, die hard fans should check the local hospitals for an autograph. If you find him, make sure you post it right away, that should put to rest the sightings of him chilling at Disney World sipping a margarita.
    Bloodsmoke -- Thursday February 26 2009, @03:49PM (#322569)
    (User #7412 Info)
  • From that sneeze, I know with certainty that I'll be sick between now and March 6th.
    suzanne -- Thursday February 26 2009, @04:00PM (#322570)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
    • Re:Achoo! by sad in pittsburgh (Score:1) Friday February 27 2009, @02:36PM
  • What can I say? I am SO disappointed that he cancelled in Florida. I can only hope that he re-schedules. I'm not sure the ticket sales didn't have something to do with it.
    bklynboy68 -- Thursday February 26 2009, @04:21PM (#322573)
    (User #19716 Info)
  • I'm feeling bad for everyone in Fla. (although I always have because of the vile giant cockroaches and other creepy-crawlies there) and I'm hoping this doesn't happen often. Morrissey start drinking kombucha! Good for the immune system and makes you feel great immediately!
    hureharehure -- Thursday February 26 2009, @04:46PM (#322575)
    (User #20577 Info)
  • I knew he wasn't coming. The Space Program is in Florida because it's a giant black hole, a dying star which sucks the life out of anything good. Britney Spears is still on, of course.
    dizzy flipper -- Thursday February 26 2009, @04:50PM (#322576)
    (User #18036 Info)
    "Yes. I refuse to alight."
  • Someone really needs to start laying odds on Moz cancelling shows or showing up. A real potential money maker in this difficult ecomomy.
    Could lay odds on individual shows as well as various country and total tour over/under. If only I had more time and a place in the Cayman's
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @05:22PM (#322582)
    • Re:Odds board by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday February 26 2009, @05:45PM
      • Re:Odds board by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 27 2009, @07:03AM
  • is still selling tickets...
    mattorefice <[email protected]> -- Thursday February 26 2009, @05:28PM (#322583)
    (User #2318 Info |
    Leslie Towne Hope = Packy West
  • Maybe he shouldn't schedule so many dates if he is going to get "sick". It is getting a bit too much. I'll go see him if he plays Vegas but I won't travel anywhere to see him. No way.

    I know Nick is loving this! More fuel for the fire!
    ThinkOfMeKindlyLV -- Thursday February 26 2009, @06:14PM (#322589)
    (User #18284 Info |
  • This is bullshit,man. What a heartbreaker and fuck all you elitist fans who add injury to insult by insulting our state. I'll be the first one to laugh when Morrissey fucks you at the last minute as well.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @06:22PM (#322590)
  • ... see Morrissey is a sucker bet and a fools game!
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @06:35PM (#322592)
  • Every post saying the shows were canceled due to poor ticket sales have been rated up. Kind of biased. Since it's only speculation.

    Mr. Tseng, we realize you traveled down to Florida for the shows...stop being a baby and enjoy the weather. Shame shame shame.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @06:36PM (#322593)
  • Thanks for the personal message to all your fans explaining the cancellations. I really appreciate the time you take to show your appreciation to all those who spent money, took time off from work, and made arrangements to come see you. It was really classy of you not to have a generic announcement come across on a fan site to let us all know that you weren't feeling up to it. And thanks for making it clear that you would reschedule when you were feeling better.

    To those of us trying to get your money back, Ticketmaster has not listed these shows as officially canceled so you can't get your refund yet. Myself not being a millionaire, I need it back pretty quick cause I made some serious sacrifices to buy tickets.

    Thanks again Morrissey. I suspect you would have lost a bunch of fans over this had you not handled this so well. But I guess taking care of your fans has always been a priority of yours so you've had lots of practice handling these situations. Goodbye and Good Luck in the future. Let me know how it all turns out.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @06:55PM (#322597)
  • Okay, I'm going to catch hell for this but.... Is there any way that he and the band may just not be ready? We want good shows, right? Sure, he should have thought about that before he booked shows but he may still not be ready. Now... you can all let me have it....

    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @07:46PM (#322601)
    • Re:Not ready? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 27 2009, @12:34AM
    • Re:Not ready? by Nick The Name (Score:1) Friday February 27 2009, @01:22AM
    • Re:Not ready? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 27 2009, @03:37AM
  • Anyone who still puts up/tolerates/defends/rationalizes/apologizes for Morrissey's bs after years of cancellations and other petulant behavior, without so much as an "I'm sorry" , or the slightest apparent regard for his fans is truly amazing. What's wrong with you! Ignore him! Buy none of his tickets, download none of his songs! It just isn't worth it. What's his phrase? "sychophantic slags"? It's pathetic. Stop enabling his appalling behavior and forget him. It isn't as if he cares. Give him the solitude he so craves. Yes, he sings your life, blah blah blah, but face it, you he couldn't care less. Not to mention he hasn't done anything worth a damn since Vauxhall.

    Now here comes the attack of the killer apologists. Have at it but you know its true.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @07:51PM (#322603)
  • Well, thank you for the heads up, I won't get on the plane tomorrow, then.
    PiccadillyJim -- Thursday February 26 2009, @07:55PM (#322604)
    (User #20 Info)
    "Otherwise, kill me..."
  • Okay, so I have tix for M. Beach, SC, Durham and Asheville and I'm really nervous because I don't see Moz kicking off his tour at M. Beach (though the venue is really great). So, I feel bad for the Florida fans (and folks traveling there), but where are people getting the impression that ticket sales were bad- I thought they were doing well. Is this just a Florida thing?

    If he is sick, then I just hope he gets better. I may be out some ticket money (fees), hotel reservations (just booked yesterday), and ebay overpayment (I waited too long for the Orange Peel and paid $80 on ebay/stubhub) but I think his health should come first.

    Now, if the is really not doing the shows due to poor sales, I think he would come clean. I saw him in Greenville, SC on the last tour and the venue was not packed, but respecatable. My point is that if cancels gigs that didn't sell well, then he would have surely canceled that one.

    Ssalefish Comics -- Thursday February 26 2009, @08:03PM (#322606)
    (User #21213 Info)
    • Re:Nervous fan by acharmingman (Score:1) Thursday February 26 2009, @08:48PM
      • Re:Nervous fan by Ssalefish Comics (Score:1) Thursday February 26 2009, @09:44PM
    • Re:Nervous fan by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 27 2009, @04:29AM
    • Re:Nervous fan by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 27 2009, @09:31AM
      • Re:Nervous fan by Ssalefish Comics (Score:1) Thursday March 05 2009, @08:25PM
  • As far as I can tell, there is no word from Jannus Landing (the St. Peteersburg, Fl venue) that the show there has been cnacelled. Tickemaster lists only the Orlando show as cancelled--can anyone shed any light? Please?
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @08:15PM (#322608)
  • Maybe Jesse hurt his hand, or Boz is feeling queasy. Do you really think a press release would mention a band member's illness? Maybe if it was mid-tour.

    Some are saying its ticket sales but a poster above said at least the last show was sold out. How about the Hard Rock?

    Anyway, condolences to those who booked flights, hotels, took time off etc.
    king leer -- Thursday February 26 2009, @08:39PM (#322613)
    (User #80 Info)
  • I love how some of you are ranting about how you spent hundreds of dollars on travel and tickets, etc., and now that the shows are canceled, it's "not worth it anyways" and you'll never go see him again. Ha. Seriously, if you liked him enough to spend so much money on it and get so pumped over it, and you know his history of canceling shows, how can you have such an instant change of heart about the man? Fickle! I bet if the shows were announced as back on schedule tomorrow, you'd all be there with bells on screaming at crying at him in the front row and wishing you'd never said one word against him.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @08:44PM (#322616)
  • Los Angeles (Score:2, Funny)

    Time- 7:41pm Pacific Standard Time. Temp. in Burbank (We moved Moz)- 67F. Winds- 8mph out of the East. Beer- cold. Why don't you guys recoup here for the weekend? By the way, the album is freaking awesome! Fuuuuggggggg Man!!!! Will you peel it back and bite me? WOW MOZ. . . that sums up a career! Anyhow, see ya'll later this year God willing. [email protected]
    bbgfe1 -- Thursday February 26 2009, @08:49PM (#322619)
    (User #20028 Info)
  • I have been alerted by unnamed sources that the injury sustained was a jab to the larynx with an oversize cucumber...That's what she said.
    Sumonessweetie -- Thursday February 26 2009, @09:29PM (#322631)
    (User #20842 Info)
  • Moz always complains about how predictable the world is and everyone does and says the same thing over and over and over, I'm not saying he's wrong but what's the one headline you see EVERY Moz tour?

    Morrissey gig cancelled!! Do as I say not as I do I guess.
    Foster88 -- Thursday February 26 2009, @09:43PM (#322635)
    (User #17605 Info)
    I have spent my whole life in ruin's, because of people who are nice.
  • Sorry for my ignorance here, but is The Culture Show pre-taped? I'm from the US so have never seen it.

    If it's live (or taped the same day), then Morrissey isn't even in the US... and probably knew he wouldn't be making it to Florida before today.

    This is a Morrissey fan page so I'm not going to knock him, but I feel bad for fans that miss out, especially if you have plane tickets, etc.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 26 2009, @10:55PM (#322643)
  • I'm going to get drunk and listen to a Natalie Merchant album just to spite old Mozzer.
          Then I'll go buy some Cure CD's instead of the Deluxe Years of Refusal I planned to buy.
          Seriously, if anything he should have cancelled Florida last time. It was hot as hell in Boca at that outside venue in the summer for an old man. He was sweating up a storm. This is the nice time of year. It would have been much better I imagine this time around. The Orlando show last time was great, though. I think he would have had a decent crowd here this time too.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 27 2009, @12:49AM (#322656)
  • *sigh* (Score:2, Interesting)

    I love Moz, but it's to the point that I don't even want to bother with tickets since it's only a 50-50 shot that he'll show up.
    JoanOfArcFelt -- Friday February 27 2009, @05:38AM (#322673)
    (User #20384 Info)
    And now I know how Joan of Arc felt...
    • Re:*sigh* by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday February 28 2009, @05:19PM
      • Re:*sigh* by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday March 01 2009, @09:15PM
        • Re:*sigh* by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday March 03 2009, @09:36AM
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